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LINK Trump supporter attacks BBC cameraman at El Paso rally - BBC News

Another good guy in a MAGA hat Making America Great!

MsAl 7 Feb 12

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Stochastic terrorism

Nothing random about it. Are you sure that's the word you wanted to use here?

@jerry99 Stochastic means the precise time of an event occurring is random but it's occurrence is guaranteed.


The guy in the hat was a minority. Intersectionalism dictates he is repressed, even by the media. Leftists standards dictate this minority should be held up on a pedestal, as minorities can do no wrong.

He's another demented fool egged on by tRump's stochastic process. Also how does all the anger directed at Kanye from the left work if minorities can do no wrong?


Video proof agitators are not welcome and will be ushered out. Cant say that about he left who can only agitate, and disrupt.

Reminds me of all those leftists agitators who attacked people and cars from folks leaving Trump rallies during the campaign.

Or that he clearly enjoyed the ruckus. He passively incites violence against the media at every opportunity and doesnt do anything until the man actually shoves someone to make it drama worthy. Then he blows it off and everyone chants. Its a discusting show of Jerry Springer style maturity.

"Reminds me of all those leftists agitators who attacked people and cars from folks leaving Trump rallies during the campaign." Didn't hear about this at all. Evidence please. @MsAl


Trump rallies attract drunken idiots!


Good for them to keep reporting.


He whips them into a frenzy with his racist rhetoric then acts surprised when they attack the media and protesters.


Not a great surprise really, is it?


Someday another Charlottesville, with good people in MAGA hats, tRump will say.


At least they did not appear to fill the venue. People can be assholes.


Make America Gross Asshole

godef Level 7 Feb 12, 2019

Every Trump rally is just a step away from a mob gone amok.

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