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QUESTION Watch: Starling murmuration at Minsmere - YouTube

Wow, I had to watch it about 3 times. Watch til the end when they seem to disappear.

BeeHappy 9 Feb 25

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Amazing. I wonder how they maintain the synchronicity.

Not sure but someone said it's similar to schools of fish.


It really is mesmerizing!

balou Level 8 Feb 26, 2018

Yes! phxbillcee compared it to schools of fish.


Dawn in living ecosystems calls all life to engage


I have been there and watched it happen.

It is a sight to behold, mesmerising and fascinating - and yes, they do just 'vanish', all dropping into the reed beds to roost within seconds of each other.

Sadly, starling numbers seem to be dropping rapidly in the UK. Three or four years ago we regularly had 40+ coming into our garden to feed, this has dropped to 6 or so this last few months - but we did have 12 in last week!.

There are these birds in Texas (don't know if they are starlings but might be) in the city and especially at major intersections at dusk, the phone and power lines are overcrowded with these birds. It's been getting worse and worse, restaurants and other places find the mess they leave unwelcoming to customers. Many now are trying different things to discourage them. Sounds coming from speakers and spike barriers. Texas has plenty of open areas and I wonder why the birds don't go there. Could they be tied to the area from before it was developed? Idk, one of those things we might never know.

Starlings tend to prefer farm land and open countryside during the day - they feed mostly on worms and small invertebrates. They only gather in a murmuration on the wing towards dusk, when they congregate before dropping into reed beds to roost for the night. Not sure if they are common in the states.

@Uncorrugated They are. I believe starlings are found in at least all the "48".


I love this stuff!! Nature is so amazing!


Bird Art

jeffy Level 7 Feb 25, 2018



I love watching the starling murmaration it somehow has a calming effect.

Yes. Then some people add music and it seems like a dance.


You see the same thing with schools of fish. Fascinating & beautiful!

Almost exactly, yes!

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