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What do you hope to see happen in your lifetime?

Besides personal things having to do with my kids, the one thing that I want to see in my life that I think is a real possibility is for humans to land on Mars. What are some things you want to see happen before you die that you think may really happen?

towkneed 7 Feb 14

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Our President resigns, and then is arrested.

A reversal of the status of all endangered species.

Birth control in the water.

All religious BS removed from anywhere that isn't church related.

People mostly liking one another again.

The world taking Global warming seriously.


In no particular order: Driverless cars being widely used, Woman President of the USA, Cure for Diabetes, Universal Health Care in the USA.


I'm hoping to see a reversal of the trend of income inequality and inequality in general rising, for an end of imperialistic wars, for more democracy in our "democracies", for an end to slavery and starvation and for a plan to realistically reduce climate change. Those all require no new technology just political action and that might be the problem. So I'm hoping for a technology that makes us smarter one day, maybe some Aliens will save us from ourselves. Have we looked closely on Mars?

Dietl Level 7 Feb 15, 2019

The postponement of the inevitable third world war until after I am dead

or have moved to Mars


I look forward to the day when society will be more accepting of people who love pineapple on pizza.

I love pineapple pizza


Homo sapiens on Mars? It is difficult to imagine something less useful...
There is not a single important question for us Earthlings whose answer can be found on Mars.
It is just this male striving for greatness: "To boldly go ..."

I really think you miss the point. And where you get "male" out of it I don't see at all.
As for usefulness, given population expansion and resource depletion human beings will eventually have to migrate. Teraforming Mars an obvious next step. Furthermore, space exploration has produced a wealth of technologies and inventions. Check out the Wikipedia article on NASA spinn-off technologies: []
And that's just NASA. If I believed in destiny I would say it's human destiny to expand into space.

Or are you just trolling?

@towkneed Migrating to Mars? What a nonsense! Even if we destroy the ozon layer and heat the atmosphere four more degrees and kill half of all species... Mars will always be far less inhabitable than our planet Earth. If we can't make it here, we'll make it nowhere.
(If you think that I'm trolling, do not forget to block me)

@Matias Actually there are multiple ways to make Mars habitable. See []
The first step is to get there.

I'm not sure if you're trolling but the tone I am reading seems very dismissive and not open to discussion ("nonsense"?). However I believe in giving people the "benefit of the doubt", and it's easy to derive an incorrect tone from the written word. Also, it's possible, albiet unlikely, that you are not aware of these possibilities and that, by pointing them out, you will consider them reasonably instead of looking for a way to disregard them because your mind is already made up.

There was a time when I debated the usefulness of space exploration to myself for pragmatic reasons but I realized that it only lacks pragmatism if you have a very narrowly defined scope. Narrowly defined in both terms of time and ideas of usefulness.

@F-IM-Forty I don't ever say what I really do professionally on public forums. I never said I was an aerospace engineer, just that I work in the industry. And as for the environment being extremely hostile, including the presence of percholates and other issues with the Martian regolith ("poison soil" ) I just don't see any of it as being insurmountable. I believe there are, for example, certain types of plants that could remove the percholates. I won't pretend to know all the details nor the costs, I just know that the distance to any other place with any type of atmosphere makes it less feasible. And I don't think that anything insurmountable today will remain so. Genetic engineering, for example, could come into play to create custom GMOs.

I do think that, no matter how "renewable" the human race becomes, there will be a point where we use this planet up or just fill it up. So, while I fully support "going green" and often identify with progressives, I also think that there will come a point when humans must either leave the planet, become extinct, or eat Soylent Green.

And I grant you living on Mars and/or teraforming it is a long way off - of course we don't have the ability (or stability) today and may not for 100 years or more, but getting there is the first step. And that is what I hope to see in my lifetime.

And I am a Trekkie. And I don't know see why the Wikipedia link would be an insult (as I have no idea what your level of knowledge or interest is), sorry if it seemed so. It wasn't meant that way.


The cure for death that Kurzweil keeps saying is going to happen in 15 years.

. . .

More on Longevity Escape Velocity here:

skado Level 8 Feb 15, 2019

A space elevator, and for humans to finally realise we need to clean up our act on climate change (which will need to happen very, very soon).

Jnei Level 8 Feb 15, 2019

@RawBacons me too

@RawBacons @towkneed I think it's probably not that far off - perhaps we will get to see one.


I am hoping to see humans walk the red planet also, but it's one of those things, like general purpose, self-aware artificial intelligence, that's always 20 years away, no matter what year it is. We lack the will and focus to make big things happen anymore. The Chinese will likely get there before we do.

A corollary to that is that we should have returned to the moon and have a permanent base if not a colony there by now, as well as a fuel-making operation and a lunar-orbiting station and all that sort of thing. All of that would support the feasibility of a Mars program.

Even the purely mercenary commercial aspects of space, like asteroid mining, don't seem to be going anywhere.

So ... I'm glad I have childhood memories of watching the various Gemini and Apollo missions, because I suspect that's all I'm taking to the grave with me in terms of memories of space exploration.

It's laughable when you think about Sci Fi of the 1960s. There's 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968 ) that had a permanent commercial space station and regular PanAm flights to and from it; routine travel to the moon and a permanent base there; all of this by the late 1990s and then we were able to hurl a giant spacecraft run by a sentient computer, with most of the crew in cryo-sleep, within 3 years. Boy did they overestimate that. At the other extreme in terms of production values was Lost in Space that imagined we'd be sending a starship to Alpha Centauri by 1999. Or the original Star Trek that imagined a darker immediate future but still one from which people were capable of escaping via a sleeper ship -- again, in 1999.

I mean, the turn of the 21st century seemed like it was safely in the future back then, and that would give humanity a lot of opportunity for technological progress.

But here we are, struggling to put electric cars on the road and outsourcing travel to our aging space station to Russia. And that station! It's about a tenth the size of the one in Space Odyssey and no artificial gravity.

Oh well. At least computer technology has largely exceeded expectations, and I've made a good and enjoyable living from it -- so there's that.


Getting laid!

@F-IM-Forty YES!


Oooh oooh this is easy!! For all of the dumbfucks in this country to quit obsessing over trump!

And I’m not talking about his supporters either because honestly they truly think about him half of the time the other twits do. ?

And still only half as much as the Obama haters obsessed over him for eight freaking years.

That includes the filthy mouth obsessed trump haters on this site and their stupid posts and dim witted comments.

@F-IM-Forty Exactly

Most of them are here .LOL

@webbew1 Oh so y’all are stooping to their level.?

@F-IM-Forty They would be those who claim that “ they “ can’t stand trump and they don’t want to even hear about him but yet they won’t shut the fuck up about him!

Seriously he’s been in office for over 2 years now and we know what he’s all about and capable of so to be bombarded with him non fucking stop is the fucking definition of obsession.

And I live and work around a lot of trump supporters and most of them know that I didn’t support him or HRC in the 2016 election.
But none of them run up and attack me or even try to push him on me.

Occasionally I’ll get asked what I think about in regards to what’s going on in general and there’s some that don’t always agree with me but at least I can say “ we’ll just have to see “ and some will tell me just how wrong I’ll be and move on and go about our business.

So yeah I’m not a fucking “ smart guy “ I’m just a guy that is simply speaking from my experience and observations.
And not through some fear mongering propagandist corporate media source that fucking elevated him to the front of the RNC so that they would get the election that they wanted.

But their champion not just failed to acknowledge the consistently most active voters in the country but she fucking insulted them.

And she probably would’ve won if her and her supporters hadn’t attacked us ( Bernie supporters) and then fucking gloat over like he was fucking Gaddafi, and then tell us to get in line behind her.
Please and what the fuck ever?!

So anything else?


Elon Musk is saying you'll be able to in a few years for about what you'd get by selling your house. I just don't know if you'd still need money on Mars once you got there. It sounds tempting to me.


I would like to see a low weight, high power battery developed that will propel an automobile 1000 miles on a charge.

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