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I was born into a family where my Father's side was Jewish, and my Mother's was Catholic. Both sides hated the other based on religious views, so they tried to outdo one another during the holidays, which, as a small child, I loved. My dad died when I was 10, and all of the sudden I was supposed to be full on Catholic. It was already too late, as I had seen the awfulness organized religion brought out in others. What were your life changing moments that caused you to have no faith?

TheRevjoe 6 Feb 26

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I didnt have a life changing moment as my parents were atheist and left it up to me to decide what I wanted to be - but if anyone knocked at the door they were let in to do the sales talk for jesus. I think in a way the relaxed approach was a good one when I am with people of religion I don't judge them unless they cross my boundary and start hard "youre gonna burn in hell "preaching - Im ok with J.W.s I let them come in and say what they want, they do preach but they always seem very vulnerable to me. the people that are sent out, seem to have unfixable problems .


Hate is an awkward and extreme word in my opinion. They more likely regarded each others religion with indifferent and disdain. But they would have worked out a relationship that was 'comfortable' for both of them without actually loving each other. Those kinds of relationship can work.

I saw the letters my mom and grandma exchanged. Hate is a strong word, but suitable in this situation. It was kind of one sided, but did exist


That's just fucking crazy. aliens must think humans are one fucked up creature. would you visit us after studying humans? I'm fucked if I would.

Oh damn. I missed that film. I'll have to get it on DVD

oh yes


I was brought up Carholic in in Catholic schools. I constantly has questions . Eventually married a reformed Jew, converted had 2 kids divorced and now single Im officially agnostic.

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