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Any superstitions you subscribe to? Me? I’m a firm believer in a full moon affecting behavior. We see it every month at work, otherwise well-behaved patients acting out, being aggressive, etc.

PeppermintDreads 7 Feb 26

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My Father in law was a joiner in Italy . He would only have a haircut on a waning moon . Plant the veggies on a rising moon . Cut timber on a waning moon to stop it twisting . If he felt like fizzy wine , he'd bottle it on a rising moon .


I believe in confirmation bias.


The term "lunatic"?
What about the moon causing earthquakes?
OK it is not true, but it is convincing.


The american indians before the europeans disrupted their way would have all the women off in a separate part of the village for 1 week every month while the periods took effect. always around the full moon. the men would do all of their functions [ kids cooking farming etc]


I have seen numerous studies proving this idea wrong. It is your perception that things are somehow worse because you know there is a full moon. Oh, and wait...what's your sign? LOL!


As someone who works in the medical field, the phase of the moon changes people in weird unpredictable ways.

But every time I watch a horror movie alone, that night I magically believe in ghosts till I fall asleep. ????


I'm not sure that is a superstition, since it's been scientifically proven to affect some people.

marga Level 7 Feb 26, 2018

Ummm, when? Where?

@AnneWimsey well, lol, I was trying to remember some of the studies I've seen throughout the years, but couldn't. So I did a search online. I found that the scientific community is split on this: some think it's been proven, and some do not. So I guess it comes down to what one chooses to believe.

This is completely untrue. Every statistical look at the idea has come up with nothing.


I understand hospitals see a greater number of births during the full moon phases .

Statistics? Source?

@AnneWimsey Actually the nurses were telling me when I was at the hospital after giving birth to my daughter . I thought it was a little funny that a co-worker also gave birth and was in the same hospital at the same time .The two of us worked on the same project . The moon can control the tides of oceans , it's not much of a stretch to give credence to it affecting a belly full of water .

@Cast1es yes it is. The effect it has on water is so insanely small that something multiple miles thick only moves about a a yard. Under a .00001% effect.

It's called observation bias. You notice a full moonyoudontnotice the moon otherwise


Not superstitions but more like you say we all have the same senses so all pick up on differences around us.




I do tend to like and follow astrology some. I don’t view it as any answer and I think a lot of what is stated within can be quite subjective. I do recognize that it seems to be about energy and influence, just as the moons energy carries its influence. It doesn’t tell me how to live or what I’m going to do when I lay down this body. Just some statistical influences.


No superstitions really but many "unknowns" for which the "science jury" is still out.

The effects of the full moon has been inconclusively studied. I'm not sure if any have been applied to astrology but I do know I'm a Pisces poster child.

With a few...thousand other phenomena which can be summarily dismissed as superstition there is "something there". Many reasons these can be dismissed is verifiable evidence is either rare, fleeting, defy controlled studies or are far beyond the realms of our existing abilities to accurately study them.

hehe...the "THE" says it all.

Don't hate...or hurt me for saying that!


I worked at Sears, and full moon Monday's were the worst! I truthful believe that the moon effects behavior! The crazies come out in force!

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