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LINK Prosecutors worked to cut sex abuser Jeffrey Epstein a break | Miami Herald

And just who was this federal prosecutor at the time? None other than Labor Secretary Acosta, appointed by the nightmare that sits in the Oval Office. "We are going to have the best....". The best at protecting pedophile, sex trafficking, child molesters. Have we as a nation fallen this far? No! The GOP has.

Mooolah 8 Feb 22

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trump only hangs out with the best. Sleaze bags, abusers, liars, thieves and cons just like him.


Hey that’s the guy I was trying to remember just a minute ago on another post that someone did about Bob Kraft being busted.

I knew the guy Bill Clinton was using was a Jewish guy but I didn’t want to go there. So now I can fix my comment thanks. ???


Of course they did, why is anybody surprised.


The GOP has lost its way to do the best for all people in the country. The regulations that have been removed that protected workers and the population is just terrible and denotes a lack of responsibility by the GOP.


Is there anyone in Trump's cabinet who is not a criminal?

If there is they will be fired.


Yep, if you have enough money and connections, you can get away with just about anything......

@Gooniesnvrdie I can never understand the lyrics of this type of music. I would need the lyrics printed out to be able to understand the message.

@Gooniesnvrdie maybe clear to you, but screaming and shouting at the top of your lungs isn't easy to understand for a lot of people. Thanks for showing your ageism!

@Gooniesnvrdie thanks for explaining your comment was just "messing with me". I'll keep that in mind about your comments.?


Almost makes you wish there was a hell waiting for these monsters

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