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Bravery or shear stupidity?

The question is rhetorical. The publisher titled the video "crazy people" then states in the infobox:

"Vintage footage of an icebreaking boat in Finland with some very brave people coming out to see it."

Nevertheless, it's very cool footage (no pun intended).

Under a minute.

VictoriaNotes 9 Feb 27

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I think a combination of brave with a little stupid mixed in. Most stayed a fair distance from the icebreaker but some had to get real close. The thickness of the ice was more stable and consistent than it would be today giving them a sense of security. This was almost a hundred years ago long before climate change.

Betty Level 7 Feb 27, 2018

You ever heard or seen the running of the bulls all over Spain during the bullfight season? Like anything else we are not familiar... there is a science to it... an inside knowledge we don't grasp. To a foreigner is suicide but to a local that been doing it since age 12, it is like riding a bike. They know what they are doing... they had seen it before.

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