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What's your biggest regret?

Mine is: Getting married, complete and total waste of time.

Redcupcoffee 7 Feb 27

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My biggest regret is not sticking with dance when I was 6. My mom pulled me out because I just wasn't good at it, but that moment created a major flaw in me and I never gave 100% again at anything. It caused me to give up at everything if I wasn't good at it and set me up for failure. I've since realized that was the critical moment in my life that dictated my personality and am trying to change it, but yeah.

@Redcupcoffee thank you. I'm now in taekwando and really bad at it lol. My physical condition has worsened to the point that I struggle a lot, but my Dojang is super supportive and help me to not lose my passion for it. I hope to stick with it!


Is that the legal and social statement thing? Or is it the emotional and sexual relationship part?

@Redcupcoffee I would not want to presume anything. If there is still a sense of bitterness I hope you resolve it some way. Nice to have made contact with you.


Registering as a republican when I was 18



choosing NOT to sleep with this NBA ball player when I had the chance!

@Redcupcoffee yeah... i wanted to soooooo bad ! but i was like, i am probably like # 1007 that has done this


Not trying harder with my ex.
I had a vivid dream about her two days ago that stuck with me all day. It made my heart hurt.


Meeting, and marrying, the man I am currently divorcing. I also wish I had become an atheist earlier in my life.

Always better than never.


< I regret not getting a bottle of scotch to go with this cigar.



In my teens, listening to what people told me about not being able to pursue my career choices

I'm in the same boat currently


When I saw Prince in 2001, they announced after the show that there was an after party at a little nightclub known mostly for hosting heavy metal acts -- in fact, it was the same nightclub where Dimebag Darrell was murdered on stage... Anyhow, my friend and I laughed at the idea of Prince being at a heavy metal club and we went on home... The next day, I found out that not only was Prince there, but he played an acoustic set of requests and he mingled with the crowd too... He was there until like 3am... Boy, do I regret not going to that!!!


Not buying the '66 Barracuda from my 78 year-old neighbor when he offered to sell it to me. One owner car, driven not much more than around the City. I want that in my driveway. All the other fuckups in my life I can deal with, but I cannot get that car...


That it took me so long to wake up. I feel like I'm going through feelings and experiences in my 50's that so many usually go through in their 20's and 30's. I suppose that's better than never waking up at all.

Everybody feels as you do ...... ????


Having to give up my daughter to my parents, when I was 17 and homeless. They kicked me out, but took her back in after months of us sleeping in allies.

She doesn’t care for me much. Says I never wanted her. They won’t admit that I tried for years to get her back, once I had gotten on my feet. She believes them.

Now that she’s had kids, we are a bit closer. But I’ll never have her love like I want.


Stopping my academic career after I received my Masters. I should have continued my research and completed my Doctorate. I got sidetracked by travel. And a woman, if I’m going to be completely honest.....

so what u are really sayin u regret meeting that woman, right? lol just cuttin up with ya its never to late to go back to school they say. maybe u can still get that doctorate one day


I never had a truly lasting bond with another person. I have had 5 serious relationships from my late 20s to early 30s. No kids (don't know if that is a regret or a blessing). Oh and an inflated sense of self-worth (more accurate is how I looked at other people without the benefits I had.) Envy, jealousy--that kind of stuff. Life is really too long to be alone and too short to nit-pick.


I regret nothing.


Honestly it's been telling the wrong people what my greatest regrets are. 😉


How would I know? Next week I may have a different opinion. Even when I may had said... letting this woman go three months ago. And yesterday I may tell you... well, she is back in my life you know? I don't know next week what it will be... That job I declined, the woman I did not followed to the west coast, the ones left overseas? The one in the south? the one in the island? Those I ran away from? It is just decisions... No Regrets what so over. "Que Sera Sera, Whatever May Be, May Be". Just Live and Learn but No Regrets.... It is all a Good Ride to Enjoy.


Try not to regret anything. Wish I hadn't done loads of things but regret them naaah


I regret reading in one of your post, about how boring men are. 😀
Jk, jk. I'm not sure, lending a friends some money that they still have not paid me all of it back and now they are ghosting me. Feel pretty dumb about that recently.

JeffB Level 6 Feb 27, 2018

Not having kids sooner.


Falling for the wrong woman. I fell madly in love with someone and thought she loved me as well. Turned out I was very wrong. Of course I did not find that out until after 6 years and a child.


I really don't have regrets. However there are things in hindsight I would do differently.


Having no regrets..... 😉


It is not a waste of time if you learned something out of it. Granted the returns may not warrant the time dedicated but... Live and Learn.


Mine was not focusing on my music lessons like I should have. I was pretty lazy when it came to practicing, and I wonder what kind of musician I could have been had I worked harder at it.

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