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What Do TV Pundits Mean When They Say Democrats Should Move to the Middle? WTF is the Middle?

You can't turn on a cable TV news channel these days without seeing some TV pundit or panelist saying that Democrats need to "move to the middle." What the heck do they mean?

Do they mean that Democrats should say it's just fine that over 30 million Americans have no health care?

We love that the big banks make hundreds of billions in profits by ripping us off and putting our economy at risk?

That fossil fuel and chemical industries should continue to poison us and our planet?

That it's just fine if drug companies and for-profit colleges and Charter Schools keep ripping us off?

That it's just fine that the American Dream is dead and there's no need to bring back unions and union jobs?

What is "the center" beyond the status quo?

Thom Hartmann

LiterateHiker 9 Mar 7

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These assholes are not happy unless they can control every part of the conversation. Personally once they start the conversation is over until they leave.


That is nothing to take any consideration to. They are just trying to muddy the waters, trying to make them out as villains, as they are communists.


The middle is nationally subjective. The Democrats in the USA are the political left. But in Europe they would the right, with the Republicans being extremists beyond right wing.


I think they mean the Dems should act less extreme, in order to get the votes to throw out Trumplerism.

But to Thom Hartman’s point, those are not extreme positions. Republicans have shifted to the extreme right on virtually every issue. Being told we have to be more moderate simply means we have to capitulate on our principles. Sorry, I don’t buy it.


"What Do TV Pundits Mean When They Say Democrats Should Move to the Middle? WTF is the Middle?"

It is the attempt to legitimize Party lines above an individual's integrity. "I voted the Party Line" is the mantra of those who want power. Hightower was right:

"There's Nothing in the Middle of the Road but Yellow Stripes and Dead Armadillos"

cava Level 7 Mar 7, 2019

There is no middle with those idjuts.


The middle has moved far right. So tacking to the middle makes Dems 1950’s Republicans.


The middle is the place to be! That is where things happen! (Historically anyway!)

The more the right denies climate change, casts their lots with the religious zealots and disregards and dissolves every protection enacted for the American people... The further away from the middle they are.

The more the left wants to talk about huge tax increases on the wealthy, increasing social handouts before even fixing the fraud and corruption in the present system, the more they talk about moving away from eating beef and taking plane flights... The further they are from the middle.

The middle is where agreements are made, deals are struck and things happen. It is where America used to hang out. In my opinion it is what made America great!

So... Move to the middle... Meet in the middle... Whatever one wants to call it. The far left and the far right will eventually flame out but they should be aware of the void that is created. That is partially how Trump got elected! (With help from the Russians)


LOL. The Dems could not get any more in the middle then they already are.

The middle ain’t what it used to be...sigh


It means their corporate overlords are frantic that real reform may prove entirely too popular with the public and lead to the election of real reformers who will make a genuine effort to curb the excesses of the 1% and direct at least some of this country's wealth to benefit the people instead of war profiteers and billionaires - which might prove very popular indeed and then where does it end? Expect lots of hand-wringing and hysterics about socialism heading into 2020.


Perhaps it would be best if Republicans moved a bit more to the center first. Or.... how about they move A LOT more to the center? Republicans have moved so far to the right that they’ve openly and unabashedly, as an entire party, embraced outright oligarchy and fascism.

Yes, Democrats have their fair share of far left wing loonie tunes, but for Dems most of those individuals exist on the outer fringes of the party where they belong. Republicans are putting their loonie tunes in the freaking Oval Office, for Christ sake!

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