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LINK 10 Unforgettable Michigan Views | Midwest Living

I can only claim seeing 4 of these views but I'd love to see all 10. I'll have to work on that this summer. ?

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BeeHappy 9 Mar 7

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Four for me too.

We need to up that number... I'm going to work on it this summer while there.?


a beautiful state I have appreciated from photos alone.

Thank you! You live in a beautiful state as well with a diversity of terrains!


The upper peninsula is about the ONLY area of the U.S., I didn't see as a trucker.

What about Alaska? The UP is what I imagine the tamer part of Alaska is like.

I love Alaska. It would be easy to disappear there.

@KevinAverett lol, I think you're right about that. Lol


Spectacular views!

How many have you seen Dave?

@BeeHappy Arch Rock, Pictured Rocks,Big Mac, and many Lake Michigan sunsets, Lake Huron sunsets, Lake Ontario sunsets, and Lake Superior sunsets.

@davknight Wow, those are some of the best!

@BeeHappy Lake Erie sunsets are best from the Canadian side!

@davknight I would think most of the lake sunsets other than Michigan would be optimal from the Canadian side. No?

@BeeHappy I was referring more to the lesser number of dead fish washing ashore, and the less pollution on the Canadian side!

@davknight Ok, that too! Lol


Thank you! I grew up on a lake in Michigan, sailing, swimming and ice skating.

After graduating from the University of Michigan, at age 21 I moved to Washington State to climb mountains and stayed.

I miss about Michigan: cardinals, fall colors, Great Lakes, fireflies and living on a lake.

Visiting family in Michigan, I scanned the horizon for my beloved mountains.

  1. Olympic National Park from the summit of Mt. Townsend.

  2. Mt. Rainier wrapped by the Enchantment Mountains. Taken from a small plane.

  3. Lake Colchuck with Dragontail Peak behind me.

  4. Mt. Stuart and the Stuart Range.

  5. Golden Northern Larch tree, Schaefer Lake.

Those are some spectacular shots! Thanks for sharing!


You're welcome.

Northern Larch is one of only two conifers that drop their needles in the fall. "Golden Week" is in early October. Northern Larch grows on the east side of the Cascade Mountains, between 4,000 and 8,000 feet elevation with a northern exposure.

"Where can I see a Northern Larch?" Seattleites ask frantically during Golden Week. "I have never seen one." Northern Larch do not grow in Western Washington.

"Drive 20 minutes to Mission Ridge Ski Area," I reply. "Just walk up the service road."

I know the feeling. I spent 20 years in Colorado, before moving to Florida. And I'm always scanning the horizon, wishing I could see the Rockies!

@LiterateHiker My sister lived in the Seattle area for a few years and I loved the views even from the city. People complain about too much rain but I always thought as long as I have those mountains to look at... the rain ain't a problem. Didn't have the chance to see any up close and personal but maybe some day. Would love to visit the state again.

@LiterateHiker, @davknight We don't have huge mountains here but I love taking pictures and driving around the city with mountains on all sides. However when I'm in Michigan for the summer I enjoy the greenery and the lakes. And miss those when I'm in the desert but I also like the variety of both. I think I should have been a Nomad. ?

@BeeHappy This might sound strange. But I miss Nevada tumbleweeds! I once drove across northern Nevada, along the 'lonliest highway in the world', and was amazed at the size of Nevada's tumbleweeds! Colorado's tumbleweeds are quite puny by comparison!

@davknight No, that doesn't sound weird. Tumbleweeds are pretty cool. I haven't been in Northern Nevada... yet. New Mexico has some good size ones. Drove across I40 during a wind storm. Lots and lots all sizes. Lol

@BeeHappyOne Christmas, I rescued a baby Colorado tumbleweed at work, and brought it inside, decorated it like a Christmas tree ,with sticky notes, and set it on my desk. Other employees brought miscellaneous stuff to hang on it, and I kept it there 'til New Years.


Tumbleweeds pick up ticks, insects, sticks, rocks, etc. I would never bring one inside.

Don't hit a tumbleweed with your car! It will scratch the paint.

@LiterateHiker Awww. But it was a BABY! And all alone!

@davknight ?

@davknight, @LiterateHiker OMG! ?

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