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Why are people so quick to judge?

If I say that I don't like Trump's policies, I'm judged to be a communist (or libtard), if I say I didn't like Obama's policies I'm judged to be a fascist, why is this?

I'm neither a communist nor fascist, as I don't play, nor affiliate with any political party. All I believe in is principles that are not situational, universal morality, freedom for all, the nonagression principle.

Why are people so quick to misjudge each other, and place everyone in a box of their choosing?

By OldHippieAtHeart6
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We just had 2 days of a session given by a professor from Wash, State University, Ellensburg about David Smith, "Civil Conversation in an Angry Age". The first thing Professor Smith said was that when asked about our beliefs we always say we are so and so instead of we believe in or follow such and such an ideology. This tends to brand us and diminishes our being open to new ideas.
The recent rule change put out by our admin. is a great lesson to follow. Dealing with others who are quick to brand and vilify us is an important skill set.


In my long life, I have learned that asking :"why do people...? is the wrong way to get the answer.
Ask:" why do you...?

I'm an atheist, free thinker, and don't subscribe to ideology, but prefer principles of nature, universal principles if you will... so, no, I don't, so that would be a ridiculous question, but... do you?


the thing is, most people will not call you fascist for not liking obama's policies. (it depends on the policies and how you express your dislike and what you want done about them, too.) you may get called racist if you don't like obama's skin tone. not everyone judges the way you describe.


genessa Level 8 Mar 8, 2019

Just pointing out that Obama is half white, yet everyone refers to him as being black... why is that...

@SwampBatman because of old stupid laws about quadroons and octaroons and all that. also his lovely tan. it's foolish but it's not unusual.



There seems to be some stupid nonsense that if I don't vote like you or don't have exactly the same opinion about everything then we are no longer friends.

Jolanta Level 8 Mar 8, 2019

Snap judgments are well-studied. They are a mechanism provided by natural selection to allow one to, metaphorically, run and ask questions later, thus being more likely to survive.

That in and of itself is not necessarily so bad, but snap judgments have been demonstrated to be extremely durable. Once I decide I don't trust someone, I'm going to be highly resistant to evidence that they are, in fact, trustworthy. I'm not sure where this part comes from. Maybe we've been selected to place a lot of confidence in our snap judgments, otherwise, we would not quickly follow them.

It takes a lot of work to train yourself out of these tendencies, and most don't make the effort.

And it can backfire. I have a natural reluctance to draw conclusions about others even when the situation is urgent and demands quick decisions. You don't always have time to collect data and mull over it at leisure.

mordant Level 8 Mar 8, 2019

My 2 cents: as we, as a society, are becoming more divisive, we are retreating to our core groups; and anything outside our group is bad. It is a fear response. It has been getting worse by both the right and left for many years -- back beyond Clinton.

xyz123 Level 7 Mar 8, 2019

I've read about the psychology phenom and follow your hypothesis. Believe this issue runs much deeper, but nice analysis. Thanks for sharing.


You are only hearing the judgmental name calling being done by noisy right wingers, but the news media is waging a bitter propaganda war against DT, and their voices are much louder, or at least more pervasive. Just scan through MSN.

I don’t especially like Trump and I don’t agree with all of his policies, however I do support him as our legally elected president. I’ve said that before on this forum, and even such tame words got me skewered by zealous leftists.

We should treat each other better.


I think we are wired to judge people and situations. It's a bad, bad world out there.

Sticks48 Level 9 Mar 8, 2019

Because when they are critical of others, they believe that they are making themselves superior to you, regardless of your position on anything. If they put you down, they elevate themselves (at least they think so inside their own minds).



People make that judgment about you, on so little? Really?


The short of a long explanation.....humans are hardwired to judge, to assess, to be xenophobic

Ruadh Level 3 Mar 8, 2019

Because the Orange Don has made childish name-calling 'nouveau chic'.


It isn’t personal. Nothing anybody says to you about politics or in a political discussion is personal. No matter what names they call you they are revealing something about their way of seeing the world. Their dream as it were.

ToolGuy Level 8 Mar 8, 2019

We're unevolved. Our brains are still on survival mode, trapped in the Serengeti. But out technology has us interacting with thousands of peoples and tribes. Our brains haven't caught up with that yet.


Why are people so quick to judge?

WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT???? You intrusive, nosey, prying, inquisitive, busybody, republican horror bag!!!!!


I think you should be more specific.


Apparently these people listen to Rush Limbaugh and watch Fox News.

Many nasty labels of Democrats were coined by Rush Limbaugh: "libtard," "snowflake," "Obummer," "communist," ad nauseam. Rush Limbaugh loves insulting Democrats in his radio rants.

yeah, I'm rooting for a heart attack.


Maybe folks don't like having their cognitive bias challenged? Also.. judging others can be easier than judging oneself.



Good question.

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