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LINK President Trump autographed Bibles for survivors of the Alabama tornado outbreak - Chicago Tribune

Seen on Facebook: Trump signing bibles is like Hannibal Lecter signing cookbooks.

By jerry998
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How nice! After a tornado an autographed Bible is so necessary! One can drink it, eat it, use it as toilette paper.

zesty Level 7 Mar 9, 2019

I swear, some of his supporters are going to start claiming that he wrote the Bible. There are already billboards that equate him with Jesus.

Jesus is a myth. Trump isn't. Lol


My goal, after having read this, will be to get an illiterate person to autograph a copy of WAR AND PEACE for me. I hear you. An "X" will suffice.


He doesn't read books. So he doesn't know you don't sign on the cover.


The second greatest book he "wrote" after the Art of the Steal.

He thought the book was about him.

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