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How do we save humanity from blind obedience?

Mkumar 4 Mar 1

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Parent differently.

When my kids ask questions about things people disagree on like religion, politics etc, I say here is what I believe and why. Here is what other people, including people we know that I disagree with believe. Now you decide for yourself from your own experiences and from talking to different people and from researching what it is you believe and who you are or want to be. I will always love and accept you no matter what you choose ... even if you decide to become a Christian or a conservative. 😛


No hope, the sheeple don't want to think they want to be told what to do and they make up the majority.

Kimba Level 7 Mar 1, 2018

Allow kids to question and be curious.


Tell me and I'll obey.

Seriously: I think education is the key. To be more precise: I think education on how to think (critical thinking) taught at a young age is the key.


I give in. how do we?


The ones blind by ignorance can be saved through fact and knowledge. Some, however, do not want to be unblinded. There is no saving them. It's like stockholm syndrome for ignorance.



If everybody would just follow my lead I could do it


Obedience to what?


We can't but perhaps evolution can and will over time.


Education is skepticism and rational thinking.

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