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What are some interesting/unique things you like to do for fun?

I work hard and when I'm not I like to find interesting things to do around my city. I've found art with a docent is an amazing learning experience, you learn so much about the work as well as the artist. I did Beer Yoga one weekend, yeah, as you can imagine, the beer is best after yoga. My sister kicked over two glasses doing yoga poses. I like to seek out cultural events/activities as well. This weekend my friends and I are going out to see the Phoenix Scottish Games...presented by Kilt Lifter, lol! I'm interested in hearing about new experiences that I may not have thought of. So what unique experiences have you found in your area?

Stacey48 8 Mar 1

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Photography, mostly.

I like both the city (Chicago) and the natural areas where I live (Northwest Indiana). I love walking the lakefront whether it's over by Navy Pier/Dusable Harbor or Whiting or Marquette Park in Gary.

The last walking adventure I had was to go see Loving Vincent at the Gene Siskel Film Center. That was a gorgeous film.

I go at least once a year to Starved Rock State Park for some hiking, but mostly just go to local nature preserves - Taltree Arboretum, Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve are my two favorites. Last year I took my kids for an overnight trip to Starved Rock and we spent the night in the lodge. Best tiny trip we ever took together.

I went to take pictures of the Sandhill Crane migration point last fall about an hour away from me. Hundreds of the big noisy birds just hanging out.

I took a train ride out from Indiana to Colorado and that was amazing for several reasons. Going by myself I met a LOT more people I would never had if I had been accompanied by someone.

Once a year for the past 4 years I was going to a writer's conference in Indianapolis. I'm not going this year and I'm kinda bummed about that. I don't write as much anymore and while I used to enjoy writing poetry, I haven't in a long while.

I also make mixed media art and find that both relaxing and fun. Mostly I do that at home in my art studio, but I used to take it out to the coffee shops and have made some as well. And speaking of coffee shops, I love going out to find coffee shops that are quirky and fun.


Unfortunately this is about it.


I like D&D and that doesn't make me Evil. Also like banging out a tune on karaoke, Bad Brains are a fave. Tried yoga but didn't enjoy it beer yoga might be right up my alley.

@StaceyHeidt only if I'm playing the Evil DM


I live on the edge of a sinkhole named Ginnungagap. My 1/3 of an acre is all fill dirt, so I use the rocks/cement pieces that have worked their way to ground surface to build stone walls.

@StaceyHeidt Thanks! I have done a lot of work on the yard. It is my sanctuary.


Your experiences sound interesting with a Kilt lifter and Beer Yoga, ive never tried Yoga, is beer Yoga that popular? , as for my area, unique things around here I think is that there is observatory about a half hour drive away, of course being near Chicago the Adler is something you cannot beat , but not many suburban towns have there own observatory and its a decent sized one, Saturn comes thru beautifully on a clear night, as for more unique experiences here ill have to give it some more thought

Wow how cool , well i don't live in the city but you are definitely correct on contrast to old and new buildings mixed, ,and ya deep dish and Chicago style pizza is pretty good 🙂


I am building a boat


Haven't done it in years, but I used to go to "get-rich-quick" seminars, and heckle the speakers.


I like to go on random social media sites and make stupid and irrelevant comments.


Gym rat/bodybuilding nerd.

Hmmmm. "bodybuilding nerd" sounds like an oxymoron

@Rudy1962 One can be a nerd with anything!


I like to get in my car and drive around the areas around my house, just to see what's out there. I don't necessarily go anyplace, but I just drive. And then when I get too lost, I just turn on the GPS and head home.


study math

I studied symbolic logic and fell in love with math. @StaceyHeidt


I live in an area rich with hardwoods and lakes. There are trails, paths, sunsets enough for a lifetime. Unsurprisingly, I like to walk a lot.


I'm not much of a betting man, but I do like going to the horse racing 3 or 4 times a year to try my luck. It's a good day out that I enjoy.


Sculpting with cement and making furniture out of old wood.

thank you


When I did beer yoga I drank first...was that the wrong way?

After all, can a few...million Irishmen all be wrong?


Doing about a three hour float down the Colorado River in a comfortable inflatable, with a tethered cooler with wine and food on it's comfortable inflatable. Listening to music, feeling the currents and sometimes feeding ducks that tag along. Stop once or twice to collect some interesting river rocks.

Great way to spend a summer afternoon.

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