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LINK World Naked Gardening Day is back for 2019! Are you in? - Lincolnshire Live

Gardening naked means you don't get your clothes dirty. Either way you need to shower afterwards, so why dirty the clothes?

snytiger6 9 Mar 10

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I am comfortable in my own skin, but any type of work, I wear clothes for protection from the things in my garden, not to mention I use SPF axle grease because I have very sun sensitive skin. And i also don't need any spiders anywhere.


When I work on my garden , that means I am digging , carrying heavy molch , I am on my knees , and often I sit on my butt to rest Bcz I am near 50 yr old ! Last thing I need is a bee on my boobs or a spider u know where ! ??? gardening for me = old scrubs , old nikes , gloves , and a hat !!!


No, I have sunburned my ass once, truth.


May 4th is potentially freezing. Think it might be illegal in Jersey too if the public can see you. Some fella got successfully prosecuted recently for having a wank in his flat where his neighbour could see him. She got a blurry picture and that was enough. Some of us think wrong person got prosecuted


If I appeared in my garden naked, it would set back the entire Garden industry thousands of years. It is best for humanity that I garden fully clothed.


Nah, have fun. Watch those garden gnomes.


Its too bloody cold

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