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Why is it so hard to make new friends as an adult?

DND420 3 Mar 11

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What do you like to do? join some groups in your area that do that, real groups, not on line ones and maybe you will make some friends through common interest.


It is hard to make friends as a retired Boomer. However I did make two good friends in the last year or so. I was probably very lucky to make each of them because in each case I met them thru joining offline groups that didn't have that many members in each case as well as each group having almost no one my age except these two people. Which just goes to show how impossible it is to find someone to date by simply joining offline groups, since dating requires way more compatibility than friendship....I doubt I will make any more new friends in the coming months.


I tend to be shy and introverted around people I don't know. It would be extremely difficult for me to ask someone if they want to grab coffee and hang out sometime. I understand how you feel.


I make friends more easily now than I did when I was younger.

Deb57 Level 8 Mar 12, 2019

Wow, good for you!


Limited time and flagging energy for many of us combined with similar lack for those whom we might choose to befriend. Until recently, I have had very few free hours to socialize and have had obligations to meet in what free time I had, all while feeling burned out and exhausted from work and responsibilities.

Zster Level 8 Mar 11, 2019

In my case because it requires interaction with people, trust, and I'm busy or tired a lot so people think I'm avoiding them.


I live my life with my arms wide open. I have no problems making friends, or at least fine acquaintances. It's a deliberate act of fearlesness.


must be mainly that we have limited leisure time and attention to give to it... also that work relationships and family become greater after youth? As a life-long expat, who travels a lot, it is hard to give it the all that I did as a child, or as a student... too many other things are in the balance.


I don't find it difficult.

Thats coz yer lovely

@Amisja That is kind of you to say, but I hope it has more to do with my personality. (Though I can seem a bit prickly.)

@Donotbelieve Thats what I meant. Prickly can still be lovely...if its done right

@Amisja I get you wrong often enough to owe you an apology.

I am sorry.

And you are 100% correct. Even a cactus blooms once in a while.


I don't know. I have never had a problem with making new friends.


I find it hard too but I keep trying.


Bcause you aren't playing footie in the street and you don't have the best new toy to show off. Make friends here, hiya, I'm Jayne!

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