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LINK NYT’s Exposé on the Lies About Burning Aid Trucks in Venezuela Shows How U.S. Government and Media Spread Pro-War Propaganda

Anything to snow the public into another war so the USA can go steal more oil...

By Knitfreak7
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The USA is an oil company with an army. Putin and the USA want that Venezuela oil. Notice a higher pump price already because of this. It's all about money and power. Trumpworld will also tell you how bad socialism is. They use this situation to try and derail Democratic Socialism which has nothing to do with Venezuela or the type of socialism they are talking about.

DenoPenno Level 8 Mar 13, 2019

When russia allegedly spread propaganda, it's considered an act against the US.
But when the US allegedly spreads propaganda, it's considered patriotic.

The irony and hypocrisy of our current political AND journalistic system are overwhelming!

It makes one wonder just how deep the rabbit hole goes..

It's not so much that it's deep but that it's wide... it's not so much about digging around to see the truth about all systems of power... government, media, corporate, etc... being corrupt but just looking around and taking account of how corruption envelops them all.

Absolute power = Absolute corruption... and the government and the media and corporations, etc all have absolute power in their respective domains and are thus absolute corrupted in the same.

@ASTRALMAX, you should read, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, it's an eye opener

@Woodron Thank you, I will get hold of a copy and read it.


The NYT isn't innocent in perpetuating lies about war and Venezuela and other countries, but it's nice to see this article come to light in a mainstream media vessel.

sadly I think we can find "fake news" from all the sources these days...


Who can believe that the US would send Aid trucks to Venezuela. They don't even send aid when there is a catastrophe in the US to help their own, so do they really believe that the rest of the world is going to believe that they send aid to another country.

Jolanta Level 8 Mar 12, 2019

i wonder if these reporters which report the lies are tools of the govt or just a bunch of dumb, brainwashed jerks. probably a combination.
i suppose the high salaries that those in the MSM make are a pretty powerful incentive to do the govts bidding.
they have no honor or dignity whatsoever.


We need to constantly remind ourselves who is running the government. The democrats need to step in more and speak the truths of what is actually going on.

Honestly they're all playing for the same team. They just make it look like they arent.

@motrubl4u I would ask what team is that? Democrats seem to have a better grasp of the real world and certainly see the stupidity of linking themselves up with the Republicans and their rabid leader.

@JackPedigo they're all bought and paid for by the same groups of lobbyists. It's obvious to anyone who isn't dogmatically attached to one of the two parties.

@motrubl4u sorry, I disagree. There are some that actually feel there are important issues one needs to step up to. Our governor has pledged his support on saving the Orca whales and tackling Climate Change and has tossed his hat into the presidential ring. Yes, money is critical (and I blame ourselves for not paying attention) but sometimes one has to take a stand. Our long-time senator, Patty Murray [] was one such concerned citizen "As a citizen-lobbyist for environmental and educational issues, she says she was once told by a state representative that she could not make a difference because she was just a "mom in tennis shoes".." For me I look at lobbyists as either being special interest or general interest (supporting all).

@JackPedigo feel free to disagree. But history shows that power corrupts. And I stand by that.

@motrubl4u It does, but not everyone is corrupted the same. So what are we to do? Unfortunately, we need leaders and people who know the system and have advisors that definitely can give the leaders solid advice. Yes everything is breaking up. This has been forecast for decades as a problem with overpopulation. Too many competing needs and beliefs but I feel there are still some politicians that care. Our system depends on it.


Politicians must gain public support for the actions they will gale in the future. Remember WMD (weapons of mass destruction)? They were never there. They targeted sadism Hussein, inflsred the idea of WMD, claimed Osama bin Laden was linked to him etc

Lies. All lies. Read “confessions of an economic hitman.”

Propaganda machines like FOX tell the most blatant lies of all. In the meantime, we the tax payor foot the bill ....


Yet another example of how the US has been meddling in Central and South American governments. Usually always with catastrophic results.

KKGator Level 9 Mar 11, 2019

Great story! Greg Palast appeared on Jimmy Dore and talked about the regime change war that the U.S. is trying to sell the American people on.


Great article. I don't watch TV anymore so I have not really been following this.

Watching tv these days is painful except for things like netflix smile002.gif

@Knitfreak all I watch is Real Time and I do that on my computer.

@Knitfreak actually I do watch clips of Colbert and the news on the computer too.

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