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Why is dryer lint always the same dull gray color? Nothing I own is that color, so where does it come from?

Dick_Martin 7 Mar 1

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Sometimes I see light purplish, or some that is a bit blue.


God did it!

Thus proving God is gray? Makes sense. Good thinking. Now we've nailed down something new that we know about God. We're making headway.

the holy ghost is wispy


Because the blend of all those colors makes a muddy gray color, much the same color as water after rinsing paint brushes.

If you like to camp, you can mix some lint with petroleum jelly, seal it in a plastic baggie, and use it to start a fire with only one match.

That is a really great idea! Now I am going to be saving dryer lint. If they lock me up I am telling them it's your fault.


Lol, life is mysterious!

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