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Do we need the mind?

I recently read a book that stated the mind was an imaginary construct, as our brain is a complex machine that is based on chemical reactions. Do you think we'll soon throw out the need for the "mind" and how will that effect our society?

Airego 4 Mar 1

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Our mind is a construct in a sense that it is an amalgamation of all our cognitive functions. It's not some imaginary thing because we probably couldn't imagine, or think without said mind. Those chemical reactions are the physical process of which our cognitive faculties work, throwing out the "need for a mind" pretty much amounts to "stop thinking guyz".

The mind being some imaginary construct sounds like some pseudo-scientific postmodernist woo woo garbage. Hate how people throw around the term "construct" without clearly defining or understanding what it entails and how things can't function or exist without SOME form of structure behind it.

You can still think without a mind. The mind is an epiphenomenom of our biological processes. We did imagine the mind, we imagined some source to our thoughts, called the mind, which we used to think was in our stomach. Now, we have modern biology and neuroscience, which tell us we have a brain, which is a an ingenious device able to imagine a mind, and to later learn that it doesn't really exist. The brain exists. Which in turn, imagined the mind, but it's not really a necessary term nowadays, less you like pseudoscience and have never actually read a book.


It will kill Jeopardy!


Our mind is us. The brain produces the mind. When the brain dies , we die.


Then what? Stop thinking?

Waltz Level 4 Mar 1, 2018

No, moreso label our conscious experiences through the neural connections that created them, and have a deeper understanding our brain.

@Airego Not clear that simply applying labels leads to a deeper understanding.

@Waltz Have you ever taken the time to label something?


Which controls which? Does the body control the mind or does the mind (the brain is the body) control the body. Are our thoughts manifest? The novel Dune had Mutated Guild Navigators that were suspended in tanks filled with spice gas, the mind on the spice melange folding space to travel instantaneously between planets. Do we manifest ourselves through our thoughts?

No. Most of our personality is governed by the ecology of bacteria in your gut. The brain and body are one unit; it would be like asking where the speed from your car comes from, the engine or the tires?


Mind is a word that describes the function of the brain.

So unless you replace the description of what we call mind with a different label, then no, we won't soon throw it out.

Language changes with time, so it may be that in 100 years we commonly use a different label for the brain's function.

Most biologists and neuroscientists already discarded it. There is a brain, and the complex interactions in it. One of those is the epiphenomon of the mind.


Jellyfish have done just fine without a brain for millions of years

Who needs a brain to live anyways! I sure don't, got rid of mine years ago!



Of course not. The mind is what creates and defines the human being.


Something needs to tell me not to pee myself !!!


I think how we view consciousness and the mind may be inaccurate, but I don't know how we could get rid of that concept. I suppose it could be that the function of the brain is inextricably tied to its structure, making the distinction irrelevant, but I'd say we have a long way to go before that could be confirmed.


Wow! That's a big leap, mind how you go

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