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Professionals near me advertise their religious beliefs. To what extent would you find this annoying?

Dentist websites in Oklahoma...

They like to include in their bio about their religious beliefs. The missions they go on. Some even have prior degrees in theology... or went to Christian Universities. They wear it like a badge of honor.

I just want to know they have proper and extensive dental training! But, so many of them do it. Even my vet has crosses on their walls.

Would this irritate you? Or, would you shrug it off?

silvereyes 8 Mar 1

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That's bizarre, and must be off-putting for some patients. Even at the vets - after all, everyone knows all cats are Jewish, which is why you never see pork catfood in the shops. πŸ˜‰

Jnei Level 8 Mar 1, 2018

I’m kind of glad, because then I can buycott them. There is a chiropractor who puts up republican signs during elections, so I don’t go there.

You make an excellent point on who to avoid. My chiropractor is a Christian but he is also an excellent doctor first and has no idea I am an ateist.

@Crimson67 I almost expect to see "this kind" of stuff in family-owned businesses, but it seems completely inappropriate in any kind of medical facility . . . although I still see a lot of hospitals that with start with "saint."

My thoughts exactly.

Boycott! Yes! We should use our comsumer power! I always try to avoid certain brands for their misbehaviour and reward businesses that I like with my continued support. It's something we can do in our everyday life to induce some changes however small it may look, I believe it has a real effect.


Always annoying when people wrap themselves in the flag or use religion as a marketing ploy.

@irascible For sure. Disingenuous, shallow, playing on people's emotions, and pushing a false sense of moral superiority based on being part of a certain group.


I'd feel awfully uncomfortable with that level of religiosity and on-the-sleeve expression.


It is annoying. It perpetuates the idea that only religious people are trustworthy and honest.


It irritates me because I feel like everyone just assumes everyone else is Christian and it frustrates me. Yeah, have pride in your faith, but this feels more like it's being forced down my throat.

Imagine how much business I'd get if I had upside down crosses, pentagrams, and rams skulls on my walls at work, and hail Satan at the end of my mission statement

Or just "Your friendly Atheist professional" on your sign.

Perhaps they are just unfamiliar with what you believe.


Yes it would irritate me ... for a few seconds and then I would simply continue looking for a new dentist.

@silvereyes I live in the SF Bay Area so the odds of that are not good and the VA takes care of me so they don't have that kind of presentation to the patients.


I like it. tells me where not to go.


Put me on edge just makes me think that if anything went wrong they would blame it on god and not take responsibility to make it right .

@SimonMorgan1 -- and rest assured if anything goes right, the blame will go to the same place.

@evidentialist who do I make the cheque to ?

God the scapegoat, makes a lot of sense.


That is a red flag for me.

I don't care if they advertise their religion honestly, but I do Westin why they are doing it. I assume they think it will bring them more business, ether because it will bring others if the faith or it will cause others to think they are trustworthy. That last part is scary to me since I don't think there is a correlation between religion and trustworthynesd, but many people think there is. I get worried they are exploiting that fact.

JeffB Level 6 Mar 1, 2018

They are doing exactly that. Anytime a conman wants to seal the deal they fall back on that good old Christian title.


When people try and get you to believe in what they believe regardless of how they do it it's always annoying

Not sure this constitutes trying to get patients to believe, though now and then that could be the case. Mostly it's to set the majority of patients at ease. Otherwise it'd be business suicide to show such impertinence.

@mordant religion is a business.

@GaryDoherty Non-sequitur to my point. Dentistry is a business, a business that will fail if you offend many of your patients. If there's a widespread practice of religiously-mediated social signaling then it's because a majority of patients are looking for it and it's good for the business of dentistry. That this is because the (business of) religion has created that demand in its "customers" is true enough but what I'm doing is explaining the rational self-interest of dentists who mention their "spiritual bona fides" and how it is not, in itself, proselytization or an indication that most of them would actually proselytize unbelieving patients or even try to figure out who is unbelieving. After all, an atheist's money is as good as anyone else's.

@mordant this whole planet is one huge business and homosapians fall for the lies all the time


What they are doing is playing to their crowd. You always give your business to one of 'your kind'. It's an unwritten law. In essence, it amounts to a completely legitimate unethical practice in advertising at the least and a gross religious promotional practice at the extreme.

Let's be honest here, if I knew that one bakery was a fundamentalist fish supporter and another some three blocks away was run by an in the shadows baby eater, I would probably go the extra three blocks to give them my business. The difference is in the percentage and visual identification between the two. If 75% of the community ride dinosaurs in their off time, then dinosaur riders are going to get 75% (or close to it -- probably more) of the business in town. By the same token, if someone puts a recognizable symbol of godlessness in their window, they've automatically limited their business.

So, does it irritate me? Hell yes. Sometimes it goes as far as to piss me off. Do I let them know? That depends on how heinous the presentation. Normally, it doesn't warrant any harangue from me and I simply do what I can to avoid giving them my business and to the extent I'm able, steer it to those of similar rational thought.

@silvereyes -- We severely limit our own choices by having made the decision we made. They are not responsible for our problems. They have been there all along and though their program has changed a little from time to time, they are doing what they have always done.

It is therefor our responsibility to produce the societal change we wish to see and to push that agenda for however long it takes. We must also be cautious to not step too far into the confrontational mode because more often than not it comes at too great a cost. We've been witness to that lately. The trick is to keep on keepin' on.

It isnt just the business but the jobs as well and if you are not one of them you had better have something they really want bad before they will buy from you before one of their Church buddies.


I left my former neurologist over this issue. I went to her one day, only to find a Xtian prayer on the wall. When I approached her about this to find out if hers was a religious-based practice, I got the weasely answer that she and many who worked there were Xtian. When I pointed out that she served the entire population of SWVA which included people who were Jewish, Muslim, Pagan, Hindu, other religions, and atheist. And if she did not wish to offend the non-Xtians, she she should either refrain from posting obviously Xtian material in her examination rooms or make it clear that hers WAS a Xtian practice. She totally failed to understand why I was upset, as did her office manager, with whom I also addressed the issue. (I didn't even bring up the content of the prayer, which told me to praise god for making me just as I was at the moment, which I found extreme risible. So I'm supposed to laud a deity for causing me to have seizures and excruciating migraines? Yeah, right.)

@silvereyes They are put off by Islamic anything. They scream they want Jesus and pryer in our schools and then scream when they see Islam in one of the schools with muslim students. They want their cake and want everyone else to share it too.


I hate that shit. I will find someone else.

I hear ya. I JUST left Texas for New Jersey.

I know you're in OK, but not specifically where. But there are atheist meetups and hangouts in Oklahoma. And dentists and doctors show up at those things. That's how I found my physician in Fort Worth.

But getting out of Oklahoma is a great idea. Besides the excess religious nut-baggery in your state government and education system, frequently even more embarrassing than the shit we pulled in Texas, you have way too fucking many large flying insects. I have long speculated that Oklahoma means "land of giant flying bugs" in some native tongue.

I grew up in Indiana. My wife grew up on Long Island.

Living in a place where the FIRST question your neighbors ask when you move in is "what Church do you attend?" really need to end. We've been seeking our escape for years. Her job offered a paid relocation work at their HQ in East Hanover. We leapt at it.

We've been here since New Years. We have five greyhounds in a small apartment. At the same time, we are super happy to be here, but the journey so far has been tough and exhausting. The weather has been pretty harsh since we've arrived, but we've mostly enjoyed it. And it is wonderful to have real trees again.

We are excited, it seems like it's going to be great, but really... I just don't know yet.

How's that for a lot of words without answering?

@ScottAHurst I was the one already here and the new neighbors came over asking if I was a Christian. I was very offended she would show up and ask that, so rude in my book.

"was the religious climate part of the reason you moved?"

Yes. But not just that they were religious, but they were so fucking busy-body and nosy about it. Always in your business.


It’s awful and UNPROFESSIONAL but it is cultural. Ask them which tenant of science they DON’T practice in.


Good to know so I can spend my money elsewhere.


Well, in my case I was referred to a doctor, whose website was very Christian centric. I probably shouldn’t say this, but it was a psychiatrist that I was seeing. Long story short, the referring doctor thinks my memory is going because of depression. In any case the website gave me the impression that they use Christian beliefs to help heal depression. After reading that I went back to the referring doctor and asked her to refer me to someone else.

I don’t have a problem with anyone who is religious until they insist on pushing it on me. If a doctor or his/her website gives me the impression that they are Christian or any other religion, that’s an immediate red flag for me. You don’t need to advertise your religion for your business.

@silvereyes I would think that she could be reported for that.


It their biggest qualification is "I'm a christian" then I'd advise staying far away from them πŸ˜€. If I was a dentist and boasted about my non belief in god rather than my actual qualifications, then you probably question my ability too.


I wouldn't care so long as they didn't treat me differently. i don't think your personal beliefs should be on any professional literature though.


It happens here, too, and not just medical and dental offices. It irks me, and I invariably find myself patronizing other places.

@silvereyes You said a mouthful, there.


It annoys the tar out of me, as does putting Christian music on the radio. I have had restaurants do that in my hometown, as well as printing out and taping those awful, bible-thumpy, facebook posts to the front counter. We even have a car wash whose exterior message board is always a bible quote. Businesses that pander to any faith in particular lose my business.

My bank plays Christian music and has "Faux News" playing on a big screen.If the service there wasn't fantastic, I would likely take my money elsewhere.


It irritates me to all the extents... All of them. But I try and respect other people and their views unless it interferes with my actual life.


It is irritating but I find I have to shrug it off to some degree. This is their way of saying "trust me because I am a good Christian and no, I am not going to hide behind my religion while I rip you off!"


At times religion is just stated for sales sake, and at times you're in the kind of office that it doesn't effect or affect, the crosses are just the window dressing they should be. I forget what the percentage of America's pop is Christian is anymore, but I remember it being in the high 60s. Marketing to the mass makes sense. So I have a hard time being upset about it. But there are specific times when it upsets me.

I get a little irritated particularl in medical offices.  Would this be a place, for example, that would let my wife or daughter die in an egtopic pregnancy rather than remove the fetus that was slowly killing it's mother and itself.  Will my psychologist recommend prayer over medication?  Will their woo get in the way of proven cures?  Or give me useless ones?  That is where it all makes me sicker.

I work for a Christian charity. Other than a few meetings opening with a prayer and a few people thanking Jesus for whatever it's just kind of in the background. As an athiest, no one has ever made me feel particularly uncomfortable, but it's not like I'm out of the woo closet. It sucks not being able to be honest with people out of fear of losing my job, particularly when one of my crew will be leaving for the seminary in a few months (worst worker on the crew, BTW). But if it should ever come to the point where I see the faith of those who run the place get in the way of running it well and (for want of a better word) faithfully to the cause, I know it'll be time to go. I'm not exactly there for the pay, I just wanted to work for a charity.


I take it as a warning.

@silvereyes One more reason i don't live there..

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