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LINK The First Green Terawatt Was the Hardest

From Daily Kos.

I won't claim to understand the nuances of our energy situation -- especially with respect to climate change -- but this seems like movement in the right direction.

By RichCC7
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Slowly getting there.

tzimzai Level 4 Mar 20, 2019

This was a long time coming. I took an energy class in the 80's - all different sources, etc. Great class-really informative. Over the decades very little was done with green energy by any nation(due to price) until the climate issue started. As the article stated, there will be precipitous advances as the industry matures. Nano thin films are and have been worked on. This technology may be used on cars, which would be a large plus as the weight of the batteries is a major hindrance, besides the fact that the amount of lithium is finite and it's availability long term will depend on demand.


So, one terawatt over the entire year? For comparison, the world consumed 21.2 terawatt hours in 2015. There are 8760 hours in a year, so I think that makes it a total of 185,712 Tera watts total? Someone smarter than me please chime in if this is incorrect.

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