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LINK Chick-fil-A has increased its funding of anti-LGBTQ groups / Queerty

One of the places I personally boycott.

HippieChick58 9 Mar 20

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Well, we will have to go to McDonald or Burger King, although to be honest I have never been to that food chain.


Not surprising at all


My only grandson is gay and you won't find a finer young man. Worked since he was 16. Put himself through college and is just an all around good guy.

For for him, something to be proud of...


Never Chic-fil-A. Those who judge one on their choice of a partner are just morally wrong.


The only time I have ever been tempted to eat there was at an airport on a Sunday. Other than that, I have never been tempted, much less eaten there.


Perfect night to read this . I just can't home from play offs . The head coach ( I am just the assistant ) told us to meet at chk fil A after game ( we won !) . I refused . All the kids asked , pls pls pls coach , come ! I said , one day , when u are older and if still playing B ball and if I am still around , I will explain . Right now , all I ll say to u guys is this : not a penny of my hard working $$ ever going to support this company that hates certain humans . And Nicholas ( black ), said : " are they hating blacks "? And I said , I don't know about that man , but they hate gays . How about that .
Part of me feels bad , the kids are 9-10 yr olds . But u know what ? They asked , I answer .
Second play off tmrw night . Who will ever thought , we , the ghetto / underdogs will make it maybe to championship ????or even so far !!! Yay !!

Good on you!


I'm surprised that company hasn't been sued out of business. I have boycotted it for over an year.


I will NEVER eat at Chic-fil-A.


Thanks for doing so..wish everyone would..

I am . For years ! So and most of my nurses and most of the medical community in my area . ♥️


Me too. Along with Hobby Lobby.

Good for you!! I also boycott Walmart, Jimmy John's, and Home Depot. HD's CEO is a Drumpf supporter, WM doesn't pay their employees fairly among other sins, and JJ's CEO goes big game hunting and has posed for pictures with some of his trophies. He was naked on the corpse of a shark. The guy has no taste, I abhor big game hunting, and he's not gonna get my money.

@HippieChick58 I’ll add those to my list. There’s no JJ here, but plenty of the other two.

I hate Hobby Lobby!

@HippieChick58 I love u .

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