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LINK How to sell a massacre: NRA's playbook, revealed

It's nice to see them so committed to accurate information. I'm no gun hater, grew up around them and own myself, but the NRA has been corrupt for some time now.

1of5 8 Mar 25

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Fabulous piece. Almost difficult to get through knowing that they use mass shootings as a stronghold in America, nevertheless, great article.


Of course, the best source is Al Jazeera! Are you kidding? Bad joke!

zesty Level 7 Mar 25, 2019

Prejudice much?

@1of5 Absolutely not! Just a dirty, anti American, stone age, Muslim fanatic network!

@zesty so do you like them more or less than MSNBC?

They are much smarter and less obvious.

WOW! I'm guessing you've never watched, nor are even acquainted with Al Jezeera to have such nastiness oozing.

It's one of the most respected networks globally today. Their documentaries and investigative journalism wins awards for their excellence in nearly every venue known. This piece alone should SCREAM to you about their professionalism ... you think just anyone gets the NRA on film doing filthy dirty deeds? Yeah ... rhetorical question.

@SeaGreenEyez I'm wondering how many laws the AJ people broke by using hidden cameras. Is the DOJ going to prosecute?

@zesty no matter your political stripe, the practice of journalists using undercover investigation has been critical to maintaining civil rights in the US. I'm assuming the same is true in other countries ties, but I'll just stick to stuff about the "fourth estate" in my homeland. It's be horrifying if the courts used thier powers to suppress investigative journalism, even though that means we also have to deal with issues like Alex Jones, the FBI spying on its own populace, Facebook viral videos like the MAGA kid that get completely misinterpreted, the NSA and homeland zecurity.... I want a life free from regulation from the government, and we need the press to keep us honest. And Arab countries know this just as well as we do.

@zesty I'll take that as a yes.


AJ does some top notch journalism too. It's a cold hard fact that their non english name will be used against them in whitelandia, tho. They do some great investigative reporting.

I know, and I should have bet my wife the very first response would mention AJ.

@1of5 so what I'm really getting at here, is that I read the article. I want points.

@MarkiusMahamius want me to go around and like all your posts? I work for cheap.

@1of5 how cheap? Cause, um... I know I'm almost level 6, which means nothing to me, but somehow it seems like a goal.

@MarkiusMahamius I'll PM you a contract to look over.

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