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Species get extinct all the time. No reason to change our comfortable lifestyle.

zesty Level 7 Mar 26, 2019

One day, the next species to attain sentience will say the same about us... Our lifestyles are on a downward spiral. They will degrade faster and faster until we go extinct ourselves because we tried so hard to maintain our comfortable lifestyles as long as possible, while simultaneously ignoring the negative effects we are causing to the planet.

@Kafirah Disagree. The quality of life in developed countries keeps increasing constantly.

@zesty For now. Give it ten years.

@Kafirah The gap between the life quality of developed and undeveloped countries will increase. The solution is obviously not wealth redistribution but birth control and population limitation of undeveloped countries.

@zesty In ten years, one of our most basic luxuries, air conditioning, won't be enough to allow us in the first world to honestly call ourselves comfortable during the Summer any longer. Overpopulation will be solved through massive deaths in third world nations due to heat alone. As I said, we're on a downward spiral. All of us. Those of us in the first world nations will just be the last to go.

@Kafirah Watch it. Absolutely nothing is going to happen. In 10 years, in the developed countries, we'll live better than now!

@zesty I appreciate your optimism, despite your naivete about Climate Change.

@Kafirah Naivete because I don't buy the wealth redistribution liberal agenda?

@zesty Nope. Because wealth redistribution won't matter much in ten years because anyone without industrial air conditioning will die of heat strokes. Money can only buy so much cold air. Climate change will kill us all. Those without the ability to hide from it first. Then the rest of us. Sooner or later the comfortable lifestyles we have become accustomed to won't be defined the same way. Comfort will solely depend on the availability to eat food and drink water in the parts of the world that can still grow it due to lower temps and the water doesn't evaporate in mere minutes after it rains. Also, you are talking about wealth redistribution and overpopulation, while the rest of us are discussing the original topic, Climate Change and how it is causing species to go extinct.

Even on this site we get folks who won't believe the overwhelming scientific evidence. @Kafirah

@kmdskit3 The measurement results are in the noise floor. Years ago I actually read the first basic articles.


They will still be in denial ,Im sure.


The first of many, I fear.

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