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The subconscious.

I have been researching the subconscious for so many years and this is my question. Abraham Lincoln dreamed of his death 3 days before it happened. Helen Duncan dreamed of a ship sinking in 1944, but has it happened. They charged her with witchcraft because the war department wanted it kept secret. Can anyone see a pattern that connects these two dreams together?

dodin 4 Mar 27

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I'll try to answer; The conscious works roughly 16/7. The subconscious works 24/7 so let us start by what appears in nature to be the most important, is the subconscious. All life has a natural instinct for survival, but all life has a selective instinct too. It could be changing colour, hibernation or migration etc.
An intelligent species does not need either, but does need purpose, which in the beginning of life it would have needed variety to stimulate that intelligence. This of course would mean that life was evolving as one life. A one energy system producing its own pattern.) This is the only explanation for the design in nature. Yes I did say design; a natural one.
Getting back to the dreams; they seem to be coming from individuals, but if you insert the one energy, then they are coming from one individual system. Lincoln was in touch with the perpetrator, planning the atrocity, which gives the illusion of seeing into the future-a bit like a magician's trick. Helen dreaming as it happened needs no further explanation. Now compare the subconscious experience to a conscious one; We could do something that needing attention, today or three days later depending on necessity. Dr Donald Hoffman proved that all life cannot see accurately, and this is my way, but I guess many see it differently.
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dodin Level 4 Mar 28, 2019

Your dataset's too small to find a pattern here.

Thanks for your comment. I have written about the pattern-look up comments.


I see no pattern, but am reminded of a dream I had two nights ago. I was visiting a large waterfront structure. A whale had come to a lower part of the building to be milked. I spoke with her and had a very intelligent conversation. She told me something of the migration route of her group. Later I expressed amazement to someone that the whale was so fluent in English. I was told there was some sort of interface that translated her thoughts.

Watch the news for whale communication developments. 🙂


It takes more thn two to make a pattern. If you studied statistics, apparent patterns can from randomly by chance with no actual or real significance. This is why science demands that studies be replicated,peer reviewed and verified as valid data and not a random outlier.


Dreams, the Royal road to the subconscious. The fact is, we can only at this time have a subjective view of dreams, and there is no truly supportive evidence that there is any meaning to dreams. And therefore, are only the random firings of activity of the brain stem as it organises memories/images into linier data.
Lincoln may have had many dreams of his death before, disappearing like 'tears in the rain'. The same for Helen Duncan. Likelihood is, she was awoken during a ship sinking dream and thus, remembered it more vividly.


documented coincidences?

Thanks for your reply. It wasn't coincidence; Helen Duncan was well known for her dreams, that's why the War Office had her convicted until she could not interfere again. She was allowed out after 9 months because the war changed in our favour and she was no longer a . These dreams are happening more than you think. Look up comments; I am trying to explain the pattern. Dodin.


Yes, that they both saw risks.

1of5 Level 8 Mar 27, 2019
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