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Can there be nothing?

Do you believe in complete “nothingness” as the alternative to “everything?” If the knowable universe is everything... was there “nothing” before the universe came into being? And how can there be nothing? anyhoo... I know the answer, but I just wanna know what you think!

AdirondackHiker 3 Mar 28

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"Nothing" is a concept. That is all.


You know the answer? Please, by all means, continue to keep it to yourself.

1of5 Level 8 Mar 28, 2019

“Nothing” is just another part of “everything!” ?


One way to look at it is when I die I will no longer exist and will return to nothing.

I look forward to your answer.


Does this help? (I'm guessing, "No." ) ?


"Nothing" is everything not visible. "Everything" is everything visible, as well as "Invisible". So now, do I win a "Philosopher's Stone"?

I suggest "nothingness" has nothing to do with visibility or invisibility. It has to do with existence.

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