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"Free at last. Free at last. Thank god almighty I'm free at last." MLK.
I am free from the restraints of religious influence.

Shelton 8 Mar 3

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Congratulations, it's great to have your decisions free of religious influence. Unfortunately, our lives will always have some influence from religion as religion has influenced some of the laws and the opinions of government officials who overstep their duties sometimes simply because they just don't comprehend them.


He was a great man, however, it would have been even more spectacular if he went one step further and advocated for leaving christianity as we know all too well that the Bible particularly aided the slavemasters in enforcing their will with the various verses that condone it. It certainly took a nation that was founded on freedom from tyranny long enough to rid itself of such a inhumane practice. But either way, wonderful comparison πŸ™‚. Here's to freedom!

Google MLK college papers. His papers suggests that he didn't really believe in those doctrines. One of the papers was on Jesus' divinity. I think he was freethinker who used the community that the church provides to organize his freedom movement. Coming out as a freethinker would have created a distraction from achieving the target aim

@obis Very intriguing. Currently reading on the king institute, it certainly appears he was less devout than I initially thought. Thank you for this, It makes me admire him even more.


It’s a shame he never helped free his followers from religion

Marz Level 7 Mar 3, 2018

He was a reverend. So that was unlikely.


Bayard Rustin, a black gay atheist, was involved in civil rights well before MLK. He had already organized a march on Washington years before MLK even came on the scene....and actually helped MLK organize his march. But he was never given any credit because --> 1.He was atheist, 2.He was gay, 3.Ties to the Communist Party. I actually have more respect for Bayard Rustin than I do MLK. Rustin was fighting for real freedom, while MLK was essentially fighting to remain enslaved.



Thanks. We don't know about him in England.


If all religious people were like MLK I'd have no problem with religion


No more poignant words have ever been uttered than those three lines, and though it carries a bit of irony with it, your application of those lines was excellent, Shelton.


I like your use of MLK to announce your freedomπŸ™‚


That alone is a very good freedom to have. It took me a very long time personally.






Yahooooo, me too. Oh hang on, there's still the system to deal with.

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