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What is your most-hated weekend house chore?

As I just finished washing dishes and wiping down kitchen counters with disinfectant, I realize how much I abhor cleaning out the frig! I mean, you have to take, EVERYTHING out, decide the life or death of stuff: back in fridge for a while longer because you're not quite rotten enough, or trash can. And then hassle with those freaking veggie bins that don't quite fit in the sink so that you can wash them without clunking about uncomfortably. And then there's the crap UNDER the bins from the time the soy sauce fell and leaked, and you didn't know it, and it turned into soy sauce glue under there! The frig!

LilAtheistLady 7 Mar 4

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Getting out of bed...


I hate cleaning the floor because it takes so long, but I really love how the rooms smell after I've used the apple-scented floor wipes I buy so I do it every week anyway!

Jnei Level 8 Mar 4, 2018

Where can I get apple scented wipes?

@DelilahJones33 I get mine from the shop in the village, but that'd be quite a long journey for you just for a packet of wipes! They're lovely, though - they smell just like a freshly sliced green apple and your whole house does for 48hrs afterwards too. I might start pinning them on the walls so the smell lasts longer 🙂

@DelilahJones33 I actually have just pinned one to the wall to see if it works!

I want some, too!

@orange_girl @DelilahJones33 I think I may have to buy a case full of them to export 🙂


Bathrooms -- tubs and toilets.

Oh yes, bathrooms are horrible!


Until I became an atheist, going to church was my biggest chorr.


Everything that should have been done last week 😟


At the moment I am sitting in a the middle of a huge mess. I would have to say washing dishes, because after I finish washing and put the clean dishes back in their place, I always come across two or three more, then I have to start all over again.

I’ll do your dishes if you’ll do my laundry!

@DelilahJones33 I
Believe it or not, I love doing laundry

I hate when that "last dish" appears! I haven't had a completely empty sink after supposedly, doing all the dishes, since 1992!

I washed my dishes about 90 minutes ago, cleaned the sink, walked into the living room and what did I see, two dirty glasses

@Woodron Ugh!! I know your pain!!

@AtheistLatina55. It makes me happy, that someone out there feels my pain......LOL. Thank you A L55 :~{}


For me it would definately be laundry. I hate doing laundry, but I'm out of clean clothes so I'll be in there washing my tee shirts and folding my tidy whiteys.


Vacuuming..or dusting..aaargh!


I clean my living space up as I go along my day. I'm a neat freak. I do my laundry 3x a week so my work clothes are always clean. I don't have chores. I'm a tidy person. When I use my dishes, I wash them right after. So, no weekend chores for me.


Any Cooking, washing dishes, mowing the lawn, raking, working in my vegetable garden, maintenance chores are all okay.


I used to hate vacuuming but now I have automated I am guessing paying bills, balancing stuff, tracking insurance, all that stuff.


Not really hated having pets is a responsibility I enjoy because it makes my kids happy. Taking care of the waste is a nasty job all part of being a pet owner. I reserve Sundays for cleaning cages and litter boxes because Monday is trash day.


I abhor grocery shopping. 😉


During the week I let the dishes pile up. I wash them on saturday or sunday. By that time they might be a little stinky and gag-worthy.


The Bathroom....I hate cleaning the bathroom....ugh


Yeah I would do some trading for chores. I think a barter system would be better than capitalism. I keep my car, truck & motorcycle pretty clean but I get a little slacked on my house cleaning. I have been in two houses that just had a path to walk through. One was a Lady I went out with where she was visiting her relation & the other was a school teacher. Kind of hard to believe!




Washing the floors, hate if.


Laundry. I hate it and I’m doing that now.

balou Level 8 Mar 4, 2018


I wish I could do mine naked!




all of it

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