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LINK A US Anti-Abortion Preacher Got Rumbled By A Dad On A Sydney Train

An anti-abortion evangelical charmer decided to share his faith with a crowded Sydney train. I'm not sure if he expected it to go like this.

MrBeelzeebubbles 7 Apr 5

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I am profoundly disturbed that no one pushed him under the train.


He's just a pusher -- trying to convince everyone that his product is better. All he wants is money.They should have started singing Waltzing Matilda...


They were so polite with the crazy, ugly fanatic! He just needed a good lay!

zesty Level 7 Apr 5, 2019

The stereotypic ugly american


Astonishing arrogance and invasion of others’ rights not to be subjected to this proselytising. He continually asserts that he is disrespecting the old guys wish for him to shut up because he loves him....that sums it all up really. He wants everyone to believe in god the way he does and he doesn’t care if we may have different opinions ....there is only one way, and it’s his way. That is so far from showing love as it possibly could is considerate, love is kind, love is gentle, it doesn’t try to dominate and control. He is a religious fanatic, and I’m afraid to say they are becoming increasingly prevalent...both right wing Christian and Muslim. In his case he is an American extremist, it looks like he was trying to spread his brand of fundamentalism to the Antipodes....I hope all the Aussies gave him short shrift like the old guy did here on the train.


Wow. Amazing. Some people just keep their mouths shut.


Fucking Americans. At 2:00 minutes in, I did what all those people on that train were attempting to do...GET OUT NOW. I couldn't do another minute. OMG! This is how Americans are viewed globally: rude, offensive, foul, disrespectful and batshit fucking crazy. AAAAAAAAUGH!!!

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