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And more likely to be molested by a family member than at church


If/when I have kids I'm not allowing them in either.


Funny you said that.... All my life I been hearing Gays and Transgenders that they were Molested as Children and that is why they are like that. I did 6 years of Private Catholic School and never got Molested. I don't hang out in transformers bathrooms or Churches neither I am a Kid but I admit that my Scout Master was a Homosapiens... didn't noticed until many years later when I was in H.S. He had a "secret patrol" that went camping out of the whole Troop... Only been Molested by Born Women in my life.

There is some truth in that LGBT persons are often victims of abuse, both physical and sexual as children, but studies show that the LGBT differences are caused by genes, not their vitimhood.

It is supposed that instead they are vitimized because they are different, rather than victimization making them different. There are soem studies tha tsupport this hypothesis that they are victimized because they are different (different as in being born LGBT), but such studies are hard to design and fund, so as of yet data to prove this is still sparse.

@snytiger6 Yeah it's the same as the ridiculous idea put forth that " The abuse victim is more than likely to become an Abuser," I AM a survivor of Abuse as a child, both from my mother, who abused on numerous accounts and levels and by being sodomised by 3 men, not relatives btw, when 10 years old.
I vowed in my own blood that I would NEVER inflict the same horrors on any other person nor, to the best of my abilities, allow, when and wherever possible, those horrors to be inflicted upon anyone else.
I also consider a number of LGBTI people as good and trusted acquaintances, even friends, even though I am a 100% heterosexual person.
Yes, as inquiries have recently revealed, children, etc, have, most sadly, a far greater chance of being abused by Religious Leaders, etc, than they would ever have from LGBTI people.

@Triphid Abused children who become abusers are almost always those who have been repeatedly abused over many years. It is not fully understood all the duynamics, but personally (so this is nto backed up by research), I think it is a matter of adults "modeling" behaviors where the "learns" that adults relate to children in that way.

people often forget that humans are animals and we learn by imitating the examples set by older membersw of the group, just like animals do. A person cna pick up bad behaviors as well as good ones at impressionable periods of life.

There was a time when it was thought that all insanity ws inherited. However, as tiem when on and they actually studied it it they foudn that parents with mental problems modeled their behaviors to their kids who came to think of crazy as beign normal. Some mental illness is hereditary, bu tmos tis learned, or is a adaptation to the environment in one grows up.

As you know form the personal experiences you related, not all who are abused become abusers. I think part of that comes from inner strength of sill/mind. The other part is that they have a knowledge or reference that what happened to them is NOT "normal". Most kids who are abused, if they cid not know at the time come to realize this before reaching adulthood.




The GOP and christians only seem to care about children and women when they're using them as a tool to discriminate against another group. Facts don't matter.



zesty Level 7 Apr 5, 2019

Pervs seek out these positions and access to young children because they know the "flock" does not like to question a "man of god."

They even usually get the adults to ostracize the children who dare speak up.


In a word, DUH!


Kids are more likely to be molested by a relative or friend of the family than a stranger.


No, not really. That is what the Media, etc, once wanted us to believe for decades gone by, BUT the shadows have been dispelled of late and the glare of reality has finally revealed the truth.
I have, personally, counselled well over 1,000 victims of abuses, etc, and only 1.25% of those have been victims of 'relative/family friend' Abuse, the rest were victims of random rape/sodomy, etc, by ot through the auspices of religions, religious leaders and those in 'control' such as Scout Group/Youth Group Leaders, etc.

@Triphid So you don't seem to think that scout leaders, priest, etc, etc are people that kids know. How do you equate it?

@Jolanta I think of Scout Leaders, etc, as being people that the kids know of but NOT as regular ( for want of better term) and frequent 'extended' family members/friends.
As numerous of those whom I've counselled told me, "They were people we were TOLD to trust implicitly simply because they WERE in charge of us."
To my mind, that is just ONE of the failings of the whole system.

@Triphid So they were people who the kids do know. It is not like someone specifically tells kids to trust any particular person, it is just so. Adults think that those people we know and our relatives would never do anything to anybody, which is totally ridiculous.

@Jolanta There is vast difference between ACTUALLY knowing a person and just knowing a person.
I was a boy scout for many years and though we recognized our Scout Group Leaders we did NOT actually KNOW them, just as you may know your neighbours but you do NOT truly KNOW them.

@Triphid Perhaps, each to their own. They were not strangers.


More people were killed in Ted Kennedy's car than at Three Mile Island. That fact and what you posted are meaningless facts.

Laura Bush then Laura Welch blew through a stop sign and killed her ex boyfriend.

@BufftonBeotch Random comment but very interesting all the same

@Jolie You don't hear much about Laura's accident as you shouldn't.
I find it disgusting that some people focus so much on Ted Kennedy's accident.
The photos of what the bridge looked like at the time are not something I would have crossed. There was no railing at all and it was very narrow.
Of course, he should have reported the accident as soon as possible.
People panic.
Especially people who have seen two of their brothers assassinated within a few years.

@BufftonBeotch To be clear I did not make my original post to cast any poor light on Ted Kennedy. I made it to illustrate a useless fact.

Children are very much more likely to be molested in a church. Even more likely to be molested by a family member.

A transgender person emerging from a lifetime of heartbreak?

Probably not going to victimize a kid.


That's just statistics because there aren't very many transgender friendly bathrooms compared to the number of churches. To be a valid statement the numbers would have to be compared to the number that enter each location.

Most of the time you probably will not realize the person in the bathroom with you is transgender.
Most people in a difficult transition phase will "hold it" until they can get home or use one of the single stall bathrooms with a locking door.


Of course!!!

(Did anyone watch the video at the bottom of the story? The Arch Bishop of St. Louis didn't know it was a crime for priests to have sex with children. OH FFS! smfh)

I guess that if you make your living telling lies all the time, then you get to think that it is a normal thing to do, can't tell what is true any longer and/or think that you will always be able to get away with it everywhere, and you will never see that it makes you look like a clown in other situations.


Their brains will be molested even if their bodies are not.

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