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What makes you feel you had a good day?

Planted flowerpots. No pastels this time. Yellow and white will pop against red and purple flowers. Love flowers: they cheer me up.

Made Apple-Carrot Muffins with whole-wheat pastry flour. Yum.

Ran 3-4 miles. A personal triumph. Ha.

Sent a sexy text to the man I'm dating. He rewarded me with a delicious reply.

By LiterateHiker8
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Sometimes it's just managing to not spit toothpaste on the cat

GwenC Level 7 Apr 7, 2019

Mostly if my teeth do not melt, it’s a good day.


Having the day off would have made it close.


It doesn’t take much to make my day. Recently I’ve been perfecting my puff pastries and brioche. Seeing the smiles on friends when I give them away.
A Hugh high is when all cylinders are working during a trail run and it’s effortless.


I got to go on a walk with two of my daughters and the granddaughter. GD is almost 2.5 now, growing and learning. We got to show her robins and butterflies. She now remembers me between visits and is excited to see me! In fact today when we left she cried because I was not going home with her. The weather was beautiful! I had some good conversations with my daughters, we made plans for several upcoming birthdays and Mother's day. I was able to open windows in my house which amused the cats which amused me, plus brought in some fresh air. I have all my breakfasts prepared for the next week, and the supplies for lunches next week are assembled.


Your story warmed my heart. How touching about your granddaughter! Love it. Thanks for sharing.

@LiterateHiker I knew being a grandmother would be amazing, but what really takes my breath away is how much I truly love these babies. I love my girls, but I love the babies that much more. My greatest regret in life was that my mom died before she had a chance to be a grandmother, that my kids never had a chance to know her. She would have been an awesome grandmother.


good coffee with real milk, a stint in the garden, seeing my daughter and grandson, an hour or two in the clay studio, a nap with the cat, making a batch of chocolate!


I'm fasting today, or my version of it. Water, black coffee, weed and licorice tea.

That fits my definition of fasting.


I woke up. After that it's all good.

Mark013 Level 7 Apr 6, 2019

No pain, no fights, no bill collector calls, enough food to eat, and I was warm. That's a great day.


Hmmmm listened to great music, went for a walk near our 2 lakes, content with life, in a few days going to see my little granddaughter...

bluzzman Level 3 Apr 6, 2019
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