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LINK Faith-based bills advance in Texas in defiance of 'almighty dollar' - Religion News Service

FTA: “The problem is, when you create a shield, a defense, that shield can be used as a weapon,” Menendez said on the Senate floor in retort to Perry’s defense. “The problem is that while an individual may be ‘protected’ for refusing service to a same-sex couple or a transgendered woman, no one is protecting the people who are impacted directly by this bill.”

The culture war brewing in the Texas capital comes after a bruising “bathroom bill” battle two years ago over a proposed law that would have restricted transgender Texans’ access to public facilities. The measure failed, but the LGBTQ community feels it’s being targeted again this year.

By zblaze7
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Texas is the home of mental illness in this country....


Now everything makes sense when god’s actual name is Dollar 💵. Sounds more like a dog name.

Oh My doG!


In some place in Europe the toilets are for both sexes there is no segregation and it seems to be working just fine.

Jolanta Level 8 Apr 16, 2019

Not surprised. It's Texas.

motrubl4u Level 7 Apr 15, 2019

We should start pissing in the streets! That must be what they want to see! Human dignity has no value in the ‘right wing,’ run political party!

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