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Today's hike and recovering from flu

"This flu would have killed a 80-year-old person," Karen's husband, a doctor, said. Karen, 70, caught the flu sweeping the country, while taking care of her sick, one-year-old grandson.

With a 101 degree fever, and coughing so hard she thought she was dying, Karen was bedridden for a week. It's been almost two weeks.

Today Karen and I hiked 3.7 miles- staying five feet apart- in the mountain foothills of Wenatchee, WA where we live. I wore gloves and we didn't share food. Drove separately. She doesn't want me to get sick.

We found a new trail that was blocked with flags. "Bicycles have gone on it," Karen said. We looked down at flattened flags and bicycle tracks. I knew what she was thinking.

Off we went, exploring the newly-built trail on the north side of Sage Hills Trails, Wenatchee.

"You have an excellent base of fitness and endurance," I told Karen, impressed. She did great! We will walk again on Thursday.


  1. Enchantment Mountains from Glacier View Trail.

  2. Balsamroot flowers. Sacred to Native Americans, who boiled and ate the tubers (roots).

  3. Spring Beauties. Love that name!

  4. Yellow Bells

  5. Hillside covered with wildflowers.

  6. Bluebells.

LiterateHiker 9 Apr 16

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I love reading your stories and the great photos that you share with us, I'm glad that Karen is recovering.


Sunrise in Wenatchee, WA where I live. December 2018.

See the foothills of the Cascade Mountains? That's where Sage Hills Trails are located.

Chelan-Douglas Land Trust bought the original, 160-acre homestead, turning the foothills into a protected, mule deer preserve. This stopped leveling of the foothills - "Californication"- for housing development.

"We have permanently protected nearly 10,000 acres of our region's most important natural areas, primarily in Chelan and Douglas counties."

Volunteers build and maintain trails, reseed with native plants, lead educational walks, teach classes and more.



that's some awesome scenery!


It's practically in my backyard. I can see the trails from my kitchen window. Foothills of the Cascade Mountains cradle Wenatchee, WA.

Here's Wenatchee basking in evening light. March 2018.

@LiterateHiker nice!! i'd have to go several hundred miles to even see a mountain.


Balsamroot, I remember it from growing up, but I never knew the name. Thank you.


You live in a beautiful part of the world. Re the flu, do you have an annual inoculation programme ?. In the UK everyone over 65 and those with an underlying health problem have free inoculation every autumn.It doesn't guarantee no flu but definitely worth having.


Yes, both Karen and I got a flu shot in October 2018. But the new flu, H3N2, currently sweeping the country, was not covered in this year's vaccine.

@LiterateHiker Too bad. Hope it doesn't make it accross the Atlantic


Jealous once again. Thanks for the beautiful pictures, K.


Aw... gee...shucks. (sound of scraping hiking boot) Thank you.


My walking endurance is improving markedly due to my new exercise regime but I don't imagine I'll ever hike in the mountains while still recovering from influenza. Fortunately my runny-nosed grandchildren are 600 miles away and I haven't had significant cold or flu in years (I'm careful not to visit them in winter), so ... there's that.

Your friend is either crazy or seriously bad ass. Possibly both. Give her my regards!


We're all strong hikers.

Last August, we gained 4,000' elevation over four miles hiking to Merritt Lake. Couldn't understand why I felt so tired. Was diagnosed with pneumonia the next day.

"You two go ahead," I said when we arrived at the lake. "I'm going to eat lunch by the lake."

Gro and Susan hiked to a high ridge while Karen and I relaxed by the water.

Apparently I was so inert, this Dolly Varden Trout felt safe swimming near my feet.

@LiterateHiker You live in a beautiful area.


Good celebration of life. Congratulations.


Love the color of the bluebells! Actually all of the photos are really nice.
Glad your friend felt well enough to hike. Everyone who has gotten any version of the flu around here had been weak for ages afterwards.

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