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Do you live in a religious and Republican state? Are you afraid to tell people how you really think as far as religion. I know in my state I would be shunned. So I try to deflect or not answer. Philadelphia Pennsylvania was a whole different story. I was welcomed with open arms and belong to several organizations

Chefedone 6 Mar 6

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I live in Massachusetts, where basically, religion just doesn't come up in public discussion. Sure, there are as many churches as anywhere else in the United States (which is actually a rather lot of them. I didn't realize this was unusual until a friend of mine from AUS visited me in FL and it was the first thing he commented on), but it just generally doesn't come up in public. One person I met at a bus stop - somehow we got into a discussion on spirituality (not religion) - and it carried over onto the bus. As soon as we started talking onthe bus though - everybody else suddenly got really quiet. The driver, who normally talks to me, would barely say a word to me for weeks after.

I guess there is an unwritten rule that we just do not discuss religion or spiritual matters in public here.


When I passed through Philladelphia PA I stopped for breakfast at an IHOP or the like. I got into a conversation with a conservative at the next table. We were in the midst of a friendly discussion when the waiter came over and said that he had been asked to shut us up. Turned out the person making the demand was a conservative. But he wasn't trying to hush me. He was trying to hush the conservative who was honest enough to concur with several of my points. Apparently the complainer couldn't handle it. I was stunned!

MarqG Level 5 Mar 6, 2018

It is alarming how many people only support freedom of speech if they are talking about their own speech.


I live in a very rural Republican and zealously religious county in my state and I don't dare reveal my true beliefs. Maybe when I get out of here I can tell them what I think but not as long as I live alone down here.


I am in Nebraska a very conservative state. I haven't had anyone make an issue of relgion and as I am not the most social of people it hasn't been an issue. I don't talk religion at work, off work I socialize with family and friends from my Humanist meet up group.


My thoughts on this matter are covered by the president of American Atheists, David Silverman

Marz Level 7 Mar 6, 2018

It depends. New York is blue, but mainly because of New York City and a few other small urban areas like Ithaca; geographically most of the state is actually red. Philadelphia would be a similar island of blue in a pretty quintiseentially red state; I've heard it said, rural Pennsylvania is like the Alabama of the north.

I live in a very liberal enclave and so if anything I'm probably not quite liberal enough to pass all the local shibboleths -- and I'm pretty liberal. I voted for Bernie.

2020, let’s get him in

@Marz Oh I don't know, he'll be 80, and just another elderly white guy running for office from some people's perspectives. I'd love to have him, and he may well be the best for now bet from an otherwise fairly unimpressive Democratic bench. We'll see.


I am in a blue state that gets redder the further you get from the one real city we have. The city is probably the only reason the state is blue. I am not afraid to express who I really am, just about anywhere I go.


I'm in a conservative God fearing area but they ask or start talking religion I tell them I'm an atheist. They can't arrest me and not likely to physically attack me. If they shun me all the better.


I played along for my family's sake till I was about 15. Then, they shunned me, I shunned them so it all worked out just fine.

Greenville, SC (home of BJU and several hundred other fundie institutions, not even counting churches) was a weird place growing up agnostic, but I was a weird kid so...


Not an issue in NH


I live in Southwest Georgia, I'm a moderate, and a centrist. I don't hide that, or my
atheism. I may be in the minority, but I see no reason to conceal anything.
Shunning me really isn't an option. I mean, sure, people can try, but I'm not
that easy to ignore. I'm not afraid of anyone.


I am so lucky to live in Australia. Hardly anybody cares.


The more people that are honest the quicker change will happen


Thank you!!!! Hiding just helps to perpetuate people feeling marginalized.
Can't dismiss people who won't allow you to dismiss them.

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