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LINK Wyoming School Bans Rainbow Clothing to Avoid Offending Anti-Gay Bigots | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

They'd be outraged if anyone tried to ban Christian clothing of jewelry with crosses.

snytiger6 9 Apr 19

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I'm offended.


Oh FFS what is america becoming these days, I always thought it was bad over there BUT no it's getting to be even more of a shithole in my opinion.

Yeah, as someone who lives here, I will say that over my lifetime the U.S. has definitely been on a decline in several diferent ways.

@snytiger6 As an outsider, living in Australia and a very keen student of History as well, I'd say that North America, the U.S. in particular, has been going to Hell in a hand basket since the first European Invaders set foot in the place.

@Triphid In soem ways, things in North America have gradually gotten more humane, until recntly.

I was speaking though more in general terms of power and world influence. It is in tht way the the U.S. is on the decline

@snytiger6 Yes well, as history shows clear ALL Empires collapse under their own weight and, in my educated opinion, the U.S. has been striving for innumerable decades and more to make itself into a modern type version of the Ancient Roman Empire except, instead of merely just using military might it uses 'Democracy' as its catch cry as well whilst pushing the agenda of the 'American Way' down throats of almost every country it possibly can.
People in other countries DO NOT want to 'Americanized' since we've ALL seen first hand what truly lies beneath the glitz, the glamour and the 'spin' that is the Star Spangled Banner.


Jeebus Christopher... Rainbows used to be a Xian symbol, they we're "god's promise not to flood the world again." Damn, the resurrection needs to happen soon to get these mental midgets out of the way! GAAAHHHHHH, makes me glad I don't live in Wyoming.


As long as we have freedom of speech/religion/etc....we're going to be offended sometime. It's the ''downside'' we have to accept. it wasn't until the UBER religious decided they were ''offended'' that it became an issue. GET OVER IT!


Offending and being offended should be a constitutional right. Honestly I think we would get along better if people just assumed it was going to happen instead of pretending like it's a huge problem when it happens anyways.

Look what happens here sometimes! People scream like the proverbial ''mashed cats'' because someone has OFFENDED them and they must BLOCK them, etc. Nonsense!


I'd start lobbying to change the school colors to rainbow.
I'm not afraid to poke the bear.

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