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New Mexico Governor Demands Right-Wing Militia Stop Illegally Holding Migrants

Armed vigilantes in camouflage rounded up about 300 immigrants, many of them children, in a video posted by the United Constitutional Patriots.

The ACLU characterized the group as an “armed fascist militia organization” made up of “vigilantes” working to “kidnap and detain people seeking asylum.”



LiterateHiker 9 Apr 20

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Another fine well regulated militia threatening desperate people at gunpoint. They're probably at church right now praying to jeebus for more guns as part of their Easter rituals.


It's kidnapping at gunpoint. Everyone in the group should be arrested and charged.


The good news is that one of these losers was arrested on felony arms and ammo charges. The xenophobe in chief has enabled these deplorable people to think they are above the law and can represent themselves as something they are not. These are desperate people trying to seem useful in their sorry existence.


Seems like some people were in violation of our law and some of the citizens of our country invoked their constitutional rights to help detain lawbreakers.

How do you know they were in violation of the law? Immigrants do have some rights, the militia is in no position to make that call, that's what being an enforcement agent is about.

My understanding is that militias aren't about law in the first place, but about dealing with lawlessness. So I'm not going to speculate, considering I am also not a law enforcement agent, but I do hear that they're impersonating federal agents, using badges and uniforms n such. Which is a serious crime. But the one arrest of a militia member has been pretty weak, just a felon in possession of a firearm


One of many articles... the FBI arrested the leader and they've been banned from PayPal and Gofundme, so things are looking grim.

Side note: how the fuck has this been going on for years (In some form or another) and the FBI just now decides to arrest this guy for being a felon in possession of a firearm? Trumped up bullshit (And fuck you Donald, for contaminating a perfectly good word)

@Burner Did they put in for visa? Are they on public property after curfew Are they trespassing on private property? Did they go through a legal protocol to enter the country? Can they provide proper identification? You assume they are following the laws of this land.

@azzow2 I'm in no position to judge, neither are they, and neither are you. That what CBP is for. If CBP needed to staff up, they could.

@azzow2 Tell us some about how you're a spiritual person (per your profile). I guess your idea of spirituality doesn't include compassion for those less fortunate. So you're spiritual like Trump is a good christian and bible scholar.

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