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LINK Kids Watch in Horror as Cops Mistake Mom's Diabetic Shock for Being High, 'Brutalize' Her

God Bless American law enforcement. (And they were applauded for not beating or killing her. smfh)

SeaGreenEyez 9 Apr 26

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When you make such an important job so low paying and utterly dangerous that only thugs want to do it for all the wrong reasons you really cannot complain when that is exactly what you get.
The USA has a long history undervaluing professionalism and despising " people who are too clever for their own good."
Which perhaps also accounts for why the USA also has a long history of electing assholes to positions of power.

Sounds like a recipe for disaster, all right.


Outfrickingrageous! Someone needs to be FIRED!


I get so sick of seeing stories like this.

Me, too. 😟


We are ruled by mad men, and "policed" by power-crazed lunatics.

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