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Every trigger happy cop must be permanently disarmed and demoted to parking tickets of jailhouse unarmed duties...regardless of whether convicted of crime....killer cops must be prevented from future shootings PERMANENTLY


The investigation is still ongoing, from what I read in longer articles.

They arrested the father last night. He claims he was teaching her gun-safety. smh


People have tried to tell me how wonderful Okiehomer is but I just point out the the city of Los Angeles has 200,000 more people living there than that state's entire population with about 20% as much crime.... So much for a "nice place to live" when an 80 year old Southern Baptist weighing in at 400 pounds is more likely to be raped in Okiehomer than a naked supermodel is in Los Angeles....




What the hell is wrong with these cops? They should know better than to shoot when children are in the way.

They shoot indiscriminately. They haven't worried about who's in the vehicle, who's in the general area, in too many years to remember. These were African Americans ... they don't matter.


That fucking pig should be prosecuted. This is the kind of shit you see were you have capitalist pigs in power whose number one priority is power and money, they will kill for it without an afterthought, and reward others who assist them. This is also the result of the police hiring soldiers and training them to police like soldiers, and the dumb fucks who are constantly promoting more wars are a big part of this. This is a huge problem with society in the West, they place very little value on a life, then pretend they do, and criticize other societies. The USA has turned into a shithole country, and is governed by the worst people on the planet. We do not need voters, we need revolutionaries.

THHA Level 7 Apr 27, 2019

They need more training


Disarm the police, let the average citizens take cate of the problems.

zesty Level 7 Apr 27, 2019

Good luck ,vigilantes are so much better.


FTP, I occasionally see an honorable cop, but for the most part I see more bad apples than good. The people who seek out power, usually shouldn't have it. Although at first glance, this looks like incompetence, as opposed to corruption.


They're "just black kids" what's the problem?...👿👿👿👿👿👿😈👿👿👿👿

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