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Indian army says it found Yeti footprints in the Himalayas

People are so gullible. Altitude sickness?

As if a mythical beast walks in a perfectly straight line.


LiterateHiker 9 Apr 30

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The photograph infers it may have been riding a bicycle too!


Will it appear on 'Not finding Bigfoot again'?


I saw a Sasquatch once... Right after I smoked a bowl of kind bud to put the seal on my Little Juan's burrito dinner (with a whiskey apertif). It could've been my terrified reflection in the bathroom mirror... but I'm gonna go with Sasquatch.


Those supposed footprints in that straight alignment is a little suspect. The only bipedal animal that walks like that is a runway model.......


Interesting to see if anything comes of it


Interesting article photo of the 'First Indian Army Mountain Expedition' -- they're all middle-aged men. I wonder if they are playing a bit of a game and who precisely are the fools. The former Indian lawmaker may even be playing along for their own amusement.

It reminds me of an old story from my family. I had an uncle who taught himself to make flint arrowheads (different 'Indians' ).
On a group camping trip, a bunch of other family tried to joke thrill someone they knew by letting their friend find a perfect leaf point. For almost a week they left the point around the camp but he never managed to notice it.
Finally someone 'found' it themselves but the joke fell pretty flat.


I am sure it was Loch Ness monster on vacation


Carrying an AK47.


Must be Bigfoot’s cousin.

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