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Thank you for sharing, I will check out Republican Atheists when I get the chance.


It's sad to read all of the bashing someone for saying what she believes. Reminds me of what religious people do to non believers.


I don't understand Republican Atheism at this point. I understand atheists who have conservative "viewpoints," but today's Republican is the antithesis of atheism and agnosticism. The idea is thoughtfulness, data-based, science based, open to ‘reality’ whatever that may be. That is NOT today’s Republican. So when someone calls themselves an atheist and a Republican, I wonder if they’re just trolling. Every time I run across one, that’s what it looks like to me.


Why do you claim to be a republican? What is it about their platform you support?

A few issues I am concerned about is freedom of speech in the US, mass migration in Europe, limiting EU and UN influence, school choice, 2nd amendment, and national security. GOP touches on these issues more than other parties.


It's the hypocrisy! How can you be a Republican, who's platform now embraces the Christian right and their policies, and a nonbeliever. That's not an oxymoron, it's just a moron.

There are atheists who are concerned about national security, 2nd amendment, school choice, freedom of speech and other issue that draws them to the GOP.


If you still consider yourself a republican even with the puke administration you've elected, you deserve insults and ridicule.


Too long, get on with it. Didn't watch


OK, so when you think about extremist conservatism, what is one of the first things you think of? Religion. They go so hand-in-hand with one another that I have become to think of modern conservatism as a religion, to the extent that they are so willing to believe off-the-wall stuff that conflicts with reality to hold up their political ideals. I may stand corrected, but I wonder if very many conservative atheists went through any sort of catharsis when they became atheists, as opposed to just having been raised in an environment where religion was simply not pushed on them?

Though I didn't realize it at them time, being raised in a conservative family and considering myself conservative in my early years, I became atheist because of my truly liberal sense of being, which I would describe as intellectualism - the ability to think and consider possibilities outside the box and look past the dogma, and I later turned liberal for the same reason. So in my mind, theist : conservative as atheist : liberal. Of course, there are always outlayers, conveyed by the apparent fact that only a small minority of those here who are conservative - it is my hope that they just have yet to complete the journey.

godef Level 7 Mar 8, 2018

Some people have said that conservatism is the new liberalism.

@repubatheists Like bad is the new cool.


Good grief! The whining!!!!
What I can't reconcile is the hypocrisy.
Can't take someone seriously when they're complaining about a lack of "rational conversation",
when they're whining about how "unfairly" they're being treated the entire time.

I can't take someone seriously who excuses closed minded collective thinking from people who generally claim to be "open minded." I guess we're even.

@repubatheists No, we are not "even". But you go right ahead and think whatever you please.


Is she aware she has chosen a controversial position?I was expecting to see obsecenities. For the most part these are just opposing points of view

I don't consider them simply opposing points of view, I consider them closed minded collective thinking, which is very popular in the US atheist community. I'm glad to draw attention to this communication habit in many atheist communities.

@repubatheists welcome to the human race


Sheesh. I agree with the comments she was reading. It IS an oxymoron.

With emphasis on the last half of the word


I'm sorry but after two minutes in her total lack of continuity became too much for me. It would seem any group which wanted to be taken seriously would chose a speaker capable of...speaking.

I can understand being atheist and conservative but modern republicans as a vast majority are hardly either. What I'm getting from those two minutes is someone (representative of a group???) who pathologically clings to a persecution complex.

Actually I have stuck my neck out being the founder and president of Republican Atheists, the first organization representing atheist Republicans. I am drawing attention to the closed minded collective responses from the US atheist community. Thank you for your feedback.


And of course, the negative and rather ignorant remarks continue here as well... So hard for them to understand that a person can be an atheist and have conservative ideals and values that are not based on a religious platform... Yeah, the ''oxymoron'' comment does seem to pop up an awful lot. The irony in their ignorance and closed mindedness is so disheartening at times.
Keep up the great work, Lauren. And thanks for doing a great job representing us.

I am now a registered Independent, because of disagreement with both major parties. I honestly don't think everyone has a huge problem with Conservative thinking, per se, but in my mind, I don't completely equate Conservatism with Republicanism. At least not what it appears the Republican Party has devolved into now, as represented by Trump (not really a Republican, imho), McConnell, Cruz, Paul Ryan, et al.

I think the extreme vitriol and contentious rhetoric exhibited from the farther reaches of both parties has come to characterize the opposition in their entirety, and that's too bad.

Yeah you can be a "conservative" atheist without being a huge hypocrite, but the current republican white house is a total mess brought to us by hypocritical christians(not that the recent previous republican administrations have been good). To align with or be on the same side as Trump as an atheist is ridiculous, probably even more inane than the christians that are. No one said all atheists are rational though. You are choosing a side that doesn't generally respect you, is working against us, and we see it, have fun with that :/

Thanks. It is rather comical that many atheists continue to call me "moronic" and then defend closed minded collective thinking (comparable to religion), even when it is put right in front of them in screenshots.


Republican is a dirty word since this past election where every vile thing ever done is supported in this administration. Not much of a surprise that people find resistance when they align themselves with a group that pushes for everything ugly and ignorant about humanity. It's like a christian saying, "but I'm not like those OTHER christians". Yeah, but you still go to the church where the priests rape the children. Guilt by association.

My decision to register Republican was actually greatly influenced by observing mass migration in Europe and learning about the increase in rape in countries like Sweden. Thankfully the US did not walk in those footsteps despite many left leaning Americans demanding refugee placement, and Republicans have contributed more to educating US society about the increase in rape and crime in Europe.

@repubatheists that's funny, I know a lot of women who have been raped, children sodomized, and they were ALL AMERICANS, in fact in AMERICA the citizens CONTINUE to support religious organizations that harbor and HIDE pedophiles. When comparing Sweden's increase in crime it MATCHES the US crime rate overall, but does not match US high crime areas. Most likely place for a woman in the US to be abused and killed is in her own there is that.

"""Among native Swedes, the crime rate is equivalent to Iceland’s. But in immigrant-heavy neighborhoods, lawbreaking is comparable to the much higher overall rate in the U.S. (though not to the high-crime areas of U.S. cities)."""


@repubatheists Furthermore, the entire #MeToo movement was about bringing to light the number of women who deal with sexual harassment at work, home, community, etc....

How did America respond? "OMG men aren't going to know how to talk to women"; "OMG why didn't they say anything then"; "OMG, women are bitches and liars". And OTHER conservative women, "I want to protect my boys from accusation"; "they are demonizing men"; "women lie about rape"; and "being called pretty isn't rape."

I have no delusion America understands anything about a woman's personal autonomy and ability to get through life w/o being molested, raped, or hell even killed by our own citizens. So to try and say, "oh bring in immigrants and you'll be raped" is laughable in the light of how things really are.

@Nemeister US was built upon immigration whereas Sweden was not, not to mention US has a population of approx. 323 million people while Sweden only has 10 million people. Sweden is a rather monoculture society that has been trying to force multiculturalism. More people +immigration = more problems. Sweden is proof of this, despite Swedish media and police trying really hard to make the increase in crime a non-issue. This is where the Democrats and left leaning folk contradict themselves. You cannot have a safe environment and immigration at the same time, unless only very educated people are permitted perhaps. Look at Japan - very low crime rate, yet it is incredibly difficult to become a citizen (Japan population 127 million).

@Nemeister On a side note, in Sweden the Swedish government continues to blame the increase in rape reports on women, yet the Swedish justice system drops investigating rape cases because more time and money is having to be allocated to other crimes like murder and gun violence, which has increased during the last few years. Do you find it frustrating that women are being blamed for increase in rape reports yet their cases are not being investigated? I do. Again, observing what is happening in Europe influenced me to register Republican.

@repubatheists conspiracy theorist I see.


Well, I think it's important to keep what she said in mind. I mean, it's the internet and it does bring out the worst in a lot of people. So it can't all be controlled. And I know dealing with conservatives and be difficult for liberals. The dissonance between belonging to a mostly religion inspired political group and being an atheist is hard to reconcile. And that leads to the frustration I think more than anything.

But people like Milton and mill advocated a system wherein ideas were freely given and put to trial. Ideas are meant to be attacked, but not people.

I think a first gut reaction is indignation but she's probably right in this one.

No need to control people, just drawing attention to how atheists tend to communicate. It's consistent in general online groups and online groups that meet in person. I've spoken with a few high up atheist leaders about how atheists tend to communicate and they are aware of it, but don't draw attention to it, probably because they are simply devoted to the advancement of atheism or just don't want to criticize their own base.


How in line are you with people like Dave Rubin / the classical Liberalism movement? They're anti-left, perhaps even slightly right-leaning, but don't identify as republican. There's a strong (probably predominantly nontheist) community surrounding that that you might feel more welcomed in

As to the comments you received, it's just that republican, in recent times, has become such a dirty word in the minds of rationalists, because of how many of their representatives base law on their personal convictions. In all fairness, I find some of the social justice actors on the far left to be just as harmfully irrational.

I don't remember much about Rubin. But most of these folks identify as center-left, never as "anti-left". According to them, that is how the far left identify them -- every label is black-and-white. Also, "republican" has become a dirty word in the minds of far-left people, not "rationalists". Please stop with the name-calling. The very point of the video is that everyone should be able to talk without labeling people as the enemy before listening and considering what they have to say.

I don't believe I engaged in name-calling. Just by mentioning that you're focusing on labels and semantics, trying to identify me as an enemy, and being hypocritical with regards to the "very point of the video".


Sorry could not watch to whatever the point was just too much yada yada yada

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