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Do you have pictures on your refrigerator?

Setting up a new refrigerator is not complete until I arrange photos on the freezer door.

Upper left: View from the living room while growing up on a lake in Michigan.

At 16, I tore the mast through the hull on that sailboat. Showing off, I was hanging off ankle straps with the mast leaned over. Wind shifted... over she goes! Mast was stuck in the mud.

Below that: "The Raven and The First Men" carved by Haida artist Bill Reid. Carved from laminated yellow cedar, the sculpture depicts the Haida myth of the Raven discovering mankind in a giant clamshell. University of British Columbia Museum of Anthropology.

Shell necklace was a gift from a girl I mentored whose father is from Yap Island in Micronesia. She made it.

Lower right: My late mother in Florida where she lived for 20 years after Dad died. An artist and sailor, Mom enjoyed windsurfing in the Gulf of Mexico.

"I never fell because there are sharks," Mom said.

Show us your refrigerator photos! Whatcha got?

LiterateHiker 9 May 14

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Photos, magnets from travel, concert ever changing collage.


What a collection!

Is that a crocheted hanger on your kitchen towel? My mother made those.

That looks like what the side of my mothers fridge looked like,,lots of memorys

@LiterateHiker I have crocheted ones and a few made with pot holders that snap. Plus about a million hand knit dish cloths from when my mother was learning to knit!


Here is mine. πŸ™‚

Beautiful. As a Michigan native, I love your postcards and art.

"Read a fucking book" is hilarious. Vocabulary, dear, my mother kidded.

@LiterateHiker So, many many moons ago, I used to volunteer at the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, and a fellow worker sent me the "I Dream of Michigan" postcard. I collect postcards, so I rotate them; they're a mix of postcards I've bought and ones sent to me. πŸ™‚


My refrigerator is pretty barren - just a couple magnets on it.

Like mine.



Sons and grandson


btw those little dishes are COOL!!


Do you mean the little pots and pans?

The glass magnets with pictures were handmade by a friend.

@LiterateHiker yes the pots and pans.


I used to when I had a full-size. Now with a mini, nothing at eye level.
I have a few keepers on my file cabinets....(ask again in July πŸ˜‰ )


No! Never!


No...I don't put anything on mine..


I have one picture on the freezer door, that of two friends who got married last October. I was in a sad place and their love and acceptance helped to get me through that rough patch. They may not know just how much I appreciate them as friends but then again I feel so strongly that I doubt anyone really knows just how much I care about them.

Other than that I keep tickets to upcoming shows and events on the fridge so that I don't lose them and to insure that I am reminded of the things coming up in my life which heal my energy and give me the strength to keep moving forward. On the side of the fridge next to the counter I keep delivery menus of local restaurants because when I go to the fridge and there is nothing inside to eat I have options close at hand.


Grandkids and all the nieces and nephews.


I have grandchildren, so, of course I have pictures.


Nope, but it has my monthly calendar of appointments and activities, and a few other useful notes like that oft used Italian bread recipe. haha Pictures I have on walls, computer, phone, and burned sketchily into my mind.


I will share two of them. I have an electronic frame in my living room with pictures of my kids and grandkids β€” mostly the oldest β€” showing every few seconds for a few seconds. But these two are on my fridge. Along with my appointments and shopping list!


Ha, we put family photos that are less than flattering on the fridge ! Lol


Mine has pretty well all magnets for closing up bags etc for in the fridge plus a rooster ,strawberry and a parrot


Here are mine from work.


Love it! The Einstein picture is hilarious. You are an artist.


No. I am a minimalist. To outlier me, such displays are visual clutter.


No. Just a couple of fridge magnets.

Sounds just like mine!


Not where I put mine. My sister has too many cute magnets in inconvenient spots on her fridge, and they're always getting knocked off and broken.


No, just magnets from places I visited.
But I have a magnetic white board with photos of family and friends



lerlo Level 8 May 14, 2019

I don’t have any pictures but I do have a small collection of magnets from my mother’s house. I like them because they were on my refrigerator growing up. I have two male roommates so it wouldn’t stay neat but I hope to have your style some day! Right now I just hang up coupons and healthy recipes even though I’m the only on that eats healthy!


Very nice! My fridge has a few kid drawings on postcards, but mostly cooking instructions cut from pizza boxes and other items that fit better in my freezer without the boxes... but my dining table has dozens of photos under the glass, protected from the moisture in my humid environment.


Nope and none on my walls either. I have a couple of magnets on the fridge, that's it.

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