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LINK Matt Nelson Knows Exactly How to Convert Atheists | Roll to Disbelieve: Another Christian Thinks He's Figured Out How to Convert Atheists

For a good laugh, read CAPTAIN CASSIDY's breakdown of this article espousing how to convert Atheists.


RobertFoley 6 May 19

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These congenital idiot xians don't get it we Atheists are MATHEMATICIANS....ONCE WE LEARN 1+1+1 ALLEGED gawds equals 3 there is no going back to trintarianism....besides the observed number of alleged gawd things = zero nada zilch


This post reminded me of a sermon that I’ve heard several preachers use. They tell a story of a boy mocking god and asking preacher how far is it to hell as he left. The boy then leaves to go home and dies in a car crash. As a young boy I really believed that and was scared. As a man , I view that as manipulation and child abuse. Trust me the church don’t need any lessons in how to convert people. They got that down pat. In the past, the used torture and now they use emotional manipulation

That’s appalling! Puts me in mind of the old nursery rhyme

How many miles to Babylon?
Three score miles and ten.
Can I get there by candle-light?
Yes, and back again.
If your heels are nimble and light,
You may get there by candle-light.


How to convert atheists? It was my intense study of the bible that caused me to become atheist. The book is one book out of many that doesn't hold up in it's claims or origins, and it has too late of an arrival on the scene. So called contemporaries are not contemporaries at all along with other bogus claims, but let us suppose for a moment that you do believe it. The next hurdle is to get past the idea that your book and system is right while all the others are wrong. If we pass that step we will next have to figure out why there are so damned many sects and denominations. Of course, if anything pisses you off you can simply go somewhere and start your own denomination. Why not? Everyone else does.

OK, that was Religion 101. It bypasses the many countless discussions you can have for hours that in the end do not prove god. Any questions?

This is why I am atheist. God did not kill my father, cost my marriage, or cause me to lose anything. I am not angry with a being that I have come to find out is mythical to start with. Proof for your god goes back into those many countless discussions that really prove nothing. If I have anger on this issue at all it revolves around gullibility.




A prime example of fallacious reasoning.


Someone said the future is more and more a race between education and disaster. Religion is the disaster.


I follow her blog. She's a hoot and doesn't mince words.

"Man alive, nothing says BAMF apologetics blog that is totally certain about its own arguments like a formerly-open, now-closed commbox on a controversial topic. Amirite?"

Indeed she is. I am a blogger and I see this happen often with apologist blogs when atheists counter them. More often then not, their comments go to moderation and never make it to the comment section, but you can still see your own comment pending and then it eventually gets deleted. These comments are not attacking the blogger but are presenting findings they can't dispute. Intellectual dishonesty is prevalent among apologist bloggers.

"Matt Nelson, the self-proclaimed “reasonable Catholic” and logical Christian, ends his post with a logical fallacy: the Argument from Beauty:

Gosh, some stuff in this world suuuuuuure is pretty.
Hmm. Only a god could possibly have made that kind of beauty!
Nothing else could have.
Nope, no way. No how.

"Considering the non-beautiful things that exist in our world and in the human condition, Nelson’s god not existing at all is a best-case scenario. If his god exists and allows babies to be born who are doomed to quickly die in hideous agony, then he is a monster–no matter how pretty we might consider redwood forests and David Gandy sunsets to be."

I was reminded of this short clip by Neil Tyson deGrasse.


And these apologists continue to forget that this beautiful world is red in claw and tooth and no life is exempt.
The Neil Tyson DeGrasse piece is why so many religious people don't (or won't) listen to science. Unfortunately, we are becoming more and more disconnected.

@JackPedigo *"The Neil Tyson DeGrasse piece is why so many religious people don't (or won't) listen to science."

I concur. Cognitive dissonance is no picnic.

@VictoriaNotes And it can and often does effect everyone of us, myself included.


I needed a hearty laugh today!


The article referenced in the link is only about converting atheists in name. In reality the 8 reasons given are about keeping questioning believers from figuring it all out. They are a carefully crafted diversion for questioning believers to make them return to their beliefs and never expand their boundaries enough to see through the lies.

The message for atheists is this is BS.

The message for religious is focus on these things, think and behave in this way.


Send him over to my place, we'll see how good he really is 😜.

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