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Just finished this book! Great read! Only problem is it will never be read by its intended audience. Anyone a Sam Harris fan?

Joshuahenley 6 Mar 10

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I'm a big Sam Harris fan. Gonna have to read that book.


I am a big Sam Harris fan. The book is a good read. There is a 2 hour you-tube video of him giving different arguments against religion which I often watch. You might want to check it out if you like him. It's called "Sam Harris- A collection of Arguments Every Believer and Atheist Should Know About". I often listen to it while driving or working.

Nuke Level 5 Mar 11, 2018

Sam harris is a genius! Listening to him helped shape my entire perspective, not just about religion but a range of topics, you should try his talks on free will, and artificial intelligence, it's fascinating!

Jim87 Level 3 Mar 11, 2018

He, s up there with Hitch .


Haven't read him but I did watch his stuff on YouTube

I would suggest to read Sam's work. You will not be disappointed. His books are also on audiobook, with his voice; they are great, I have most of them. After listening to them I have gone and purchased the actual book so I can highlight the text content/text that impressed me.


I enjoy his work, especially when he debates or gives discourses. He has a very calm and reasonable manner. Plus, he has a pretty good sense of humor when he wants to.


I love Sam! I've read this book and I've watched several of his debates. His debates are my favorite. I do listen to his podcast regularly.


Love Sam Harris. Have you listened to his podcast?

Yes! He is very good at making an educated argument!


Tomorrow I'm going to Barnes and Noble. I'll check it out.

Although a pdf of the book is available on the internet for free (, it's important that we all buy his books. It's a tangible way of stating your support for Sam, who, in a very rational articulative way exposed the religious deletion. Sam also has other very good and relevant books.

@Genoa150 I prefer hard copies over ebooks.


Actually it has been read quite a bit by the intended audience as Sam has reported in his emails from believers and former believers.


Yes I read that little book and it was terrific.


If it doesn't have a cat
with a hat
then I want nothing to do with it

That is my favorite childrens book bar none!


I assume that its intended audience is Atheists? I'll have to take a look at it.

Actually it's aimed at the Christian nation. Atheists like it more though.

Mm... Makes sense. I should've realized that, yeah.

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