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LINK Memorial Day: Remember the Victims of American Bombs When You Remember the Soldiers Who Died for Our Empire

"For me, Memorial Day is a reminder of our empire and its sordid history. Not only do I think of the millions of innocent civilian victims of our aggression, but I also remember our dead, who gave their lives—for what? Which multinational corporations profited while our boys died abroad? Honeywell, GenCorp, Halliburton, GM, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon? Did we really need to send thousands of Americans overseas to fight? Were any of our foreign wars worth the death of a son, a husband, a father or some other family member to those individual families who suffered the loss?

We are raised in this country in a culture of war, cogs in a war economy that is virtually invisible yet inexorable—war never stops, and we maintain over 500 military bases around the world, not to mention the hundreds of bases here at home, each of which costs the taxpayers a half billion dollars per year or more to operate.

Memorial Day is about much more than fallen soldiers. It's about who are we as a nation, and the legacy we leave for our children, and other peoples' children around the world.

This is a day to call for world peace."

WilliamCharles 8 May 27

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All good thoughts and words of wisdom, but you can only change things today, yesterday is but a memory and tomorrow is always a day away. Let your representatives know your thoughts. NOT THAT THEY GIVE A FUCK (unless of course you have plenty of cash.)


The problem is, most Americans don't know, and/or don't care about the millions of Phillipinos, Koreans, Vietnamese, and others, that the American military has slaughtered. It is all carefully avoided in our schoolbooks.

Don't forget native americans .




I remember my father, who was in the Army, telling me that wars were often the answer to fixing our economy...looking back on history, this is so true...

We could use that money to promote so many more things to benefit us and the world...

It didn't help GW Bush's economy but plenty of corporations made a lot of $ .


I can't say any good results came from any war other than where would we be if Hitler got the A bomb before we did or we didn't enter WWII .

stretching a bit don't ya think?

@lookinhard No , I don't .


Hitler had given up on the A-bomb...he called it "jewish science" and dropped the program. Nazi A-bomb technology was loaded onto a submarine and sent to Japan.

I agree it was the end of the British empire and the start of the US one. A war that neither wanted or courted. Yet it was the one that had to be won

@273kelvin Maybe trump is the end of the US empire and the beginning of the Chinese empire .

@Besalbub They say the start of the decline of the Roman empire, was when the crown was sold to the highest bidder. In the USA, it happens every 4 years.

@273kelvin Roman empire over extended. Had too many remote garrisons to maintain and got too large for effective central control. Plus the govt became extremely corrupt and stopped benefiting the citizenry.
Sound familiar?


Without civilian acceptance dictators could not exist.


For me, I remember the futility of war and waste of human life.
But I also remember who we fought in WW2. Fascists. Imperialists.

Looking at 'mercan society under Trump and how he came to be (as well as some, if not most, of Europe today), it is my opinion that a lot of citizens would have preferred that we sided with Nazi Germany and WE had won the war for fascism and white supremacy, thus saving all those 'mercan lives and putting all not-"normal", non-whites in their place for good.




Empire authorities kill more people in human history than the public has killed. US troops is nine times out of ten, a murderer in a uniform. I have the same problem with changing Columbus Day to Native Day, the largest genocide in human history.

To reminder these days is a harzard to my happiness. I choose not to regret, only regret what I don't do in the future. For happiness has more to do with my health and what I can forget. I am happier not to remember Remembrance Day or Native Day.


No wars no blood memories


And you're right, of course! The history of human civilization is very literally written in blood! And for what benefit? Wars are always about TERRITORY/WOMEN/RELIGION. And that's it!

As comic Colin Quinn once put it,

"We didn't evolve from the tribe that starved to death waiting for their turn at the dinner table."

We are Machiavellian right down to our DNA.


an end to American meddling in overseas situations that typical Americans have no idea about and need to be brainwashed into support...


I feel the same way. Peacenik here

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