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I feel the need to apologise to some members on here.

Everything I post is intended to be light-hearted and not to be taken seriously but I have been reported for harrassment.

If anyone could give me an idea of where I'm going wrong it would be appreciated because, obviously, I must be doing the same thing in real life.

El-loco 7 Mar 11

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Where you're going wrong? Posting this under "Silly, Random and Fun" is one. 😀 Just kidding.


I've noticed a few twats on here, and there's not many to be fair, and you weren't on my list, so all's cool here 🙂


You been talking about your dick?


No clue then, bro @El-loco


I had not noticed anything offensive or harassing in your posts. There is one person on here, though, who is super-sensitive and takes everything as a personal criticism of some sort. The fact that you're being considerate enough to apologize is a good gesture.

marga Level 7 Mar 11, 2018

Well, at least I tried.


I dunno where you went wrong buddy, nor do I know why you were reported. Wasn't you told the reason you were reported?

Was gonna reply. Thought better, or worse, of it.

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