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How do you feel about Stephen Colbert discussing his faith on The Late Show and on the Colbert Report?

Personally I think as long as he don't go too far it is OK. He isn't hurting anyone. He is maybe one of the few people who is VERY religious that don't go around hating on innocent people. IE I saw him on a video for the It Gets Better Project trying to be supportive of the LGBT. I admire that. I think he has great morals and he stands up for the underdog. I heard that he really is that nice in real life. I have no idea if that is true as I never met the guy.

Also he can take a joke. An example is when he does those Midnight Confessions. I think it is cool he can joke about religion.

I think one can be religious and still be a good person such as someone who is not religious can be a good person. In this case I think his faith (he is Catholic) is a good thing.

Digerati 5 Nov 12

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He is a entertainer. Just part of his job.


He's a good comedian. But one I don't care to watch.


There was once on The Colbert Report when Stephen was incredibly rude and dismissive of his guest (I can't recall who it was, but a non-theist). It was surprising to me that he would treat his guest that way, because it didn't sound like his usual combativeness for the sake of a joke. He was unrelentingly antagonistic. It was the only time I saw him act like that, and I still don't understand what triggered it.

Yeah, I didn't think it seemed like something he would do. He always comes across as so friendly and open minded, even when he was in his conservative pundit character. It was strange. Maybe he was just having a bad day.


He had a right winger on The Colbert Reprt a few years ago. The guy told him that he didn’t pay attention in Sunday School, he said,”I teach Sunday School M.F.” It’s my favorite Colbert quote of all time.


I do not have a problem with anyone who professes their religious beliefs. As long as they do not try to shove down my throat. I will defend anyone's right to have their own beliefs. I however do not like people hating on another because their belief system is not the same as theirs. Some people would be horrible human beings without that fear of the unknown that religion teaches. The so call consequences in the afterlife if they do not do what is right. Some of these people would be as bad as Manson or Hitler. I do the right thing just because it is the right thing to do. Treat others as I would like to be treated.


I've heard him talk of religion before. I've seen Ricky Gervais on his show, I think, and Steven pushed back on Ricky's points a bit. But you're right - not too much.

I think he sets a good example of how believers and nonbelievers can interact without animosity.

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