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LINK GOP Lawmakers Plan For 51st “Christian State” To Be Based On Biblical Law | Michael Stone

That would never pass constitutional muster of the separation between church and state. It'll just waste a lot of time and money.

snytiger6 9 May 31

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Blessed is he who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks. - Psalm 137:9


Why don't they just move to Utah? They and the Mormons are equally crazy and would get along great.

They hate each other.

@snytiger6 Oh. Right. Gotcha.

@snytiger6 I guess that is why Utah is a red state and nearly all members of congress from there are Republicans?...

@snytiger6, @Storm1752


Sounds like it's a fringe group of zealots and fanatics. I saw nothing to indicate that there is widespread or official GOP support for such nonsense. The whole point to this article is to further polarize American politics with a false equivalence. It's irresponsible reporting.


They get to bring back slavery too right?


Nice, what biblical laws though,,, all of them? Old testament too!? Can't wait to see this disaster!


Odd character, but then political extremes have always been attracted to the fanatic. Ironic that he would look to create a 'deep state', within the States.


So much cheaper to just move to Saudi Arabia, or another mideastdern theocracy.....


I wonder what they plan to do with all the non Christians in that area. Buy them out or just behead them?

@rsb97080 oh okay. Well, been nice knowing you. 🤣🤣🤣


Well the Jewish people have Israel and the Zionists are slowly turning it into a Jewish only state.


So we will have another Pakistan-India split. We all know how that went (and is still going (not).

I think all the nones will move to the adjoining states so the Christians will be surrounded.


Sure give them a island were the highest point is just above sea level!

Let their god hold back the water using biblical law!

I am sure their god will reward them with perpetual baptism or pure rapture, all this depends on biblical law of course!

I have no problem granting their biblical law dream as long as it an island, hopefully big enough to house them, just above sea level, so their faith and god’s will can prevail.



the only part of any of those states that I would let them have would be the site of the Hanford works in Washington it's nicely radiated.


Watch there be a shortage of women.

But of course, they will have to procreate the old-fashioned way: Kidnapping and/or raping.

Yeah, that is pretty much what all the cultists do...


Give it to them. Just make sure they all have to live there, the miserable fuckers.

The problem is that Christians tend to send otu missionaries or because they think go dis on theri side they will go out and try to conquer other lands to gain more power (they see ti as "spreading the word" ))


Now here me out... I think this is a fabulous idea. But there would have to be conditions. Any politician that wishes to be a resident there would only be allowed to run for state governor or less, such as state representative or some lesser office of local government. Choosing residency there would disqualify any resident of his or her bid for national office up to and including that of the President of the United States. And, most importantly, no resident of the Christian State would be allowed to donate a single red cent to any political candidate of any party directly or indirectly, publicly or privately. This would include corporate donations through third parties. If these contractual obligations were to be met, it would solve more problems than it would create by removing a great deal of Christians from the general populace of the rest of the United States (most of them moving there for fear of being called false Christians for not wanting to move there and they, surrounded on all sides by their own kind (which we know would be disastrous by nature), they could only prey on each other). True Darwinian Survival of the Fittest. It would be fascinating to watch. The documentaries of its rise and fall alone would win so many awards they would necessitate their own category being created.

@F-IM-Forty Actually, that's a selling point for both them and us... they see that as a good thing and for the reason that you stated, but with only themselves to turn against, it seems like a problem that will solve itself, for the most part. Like I said, very Darwinian.

@F-IM-Forty In this scenario, the host would be the Christian state, not the rest of the US. The rest of the US would be inoculated by both borders and the first amendment of the Constitution. This should make containment of the infestation rather trivial.


I say give them their own fucking country where they can have their own sharia law! Give them something in the south like Alabama or Mississippi.

The problem is that future generations in that other country will suffer and lack freedom. It is one thing for them to choose it for themselves, but quite another to deny their children any choice.


Fanatics are dangerous. The farcical aspect being that Christian fanatics are most antagonistic towards Muslim fanatics, and vice versa. YET BOTH RELIGIONS PUT GREAT EMPHASIS ON PEACEFUL CO-EXISTENCE.


Neither "Biblical Law" nor Sharia is acceptable in a modern nation.

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