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Here are the Companies Threatening to Leave Georgia Over Its New Abortion Law

Good news!

Walt Disney, Netflix, NBC Universal, Viacom, Warner Media and their many subsidiaries will all walk away from Georgia.

They will stop filming movies in Georgia.


LiterateHiker 9 May 31

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I live in Georgia. Tho the 2 billion dollar loss per year will hurt
I support these companies

Think the ones voteing for these laws will ever get voted out.??

Thank you!

I certainly hope so!


If Georgia was more open minded about abortion, these companies wouldn't be leaving the state. Choosing to have a child or not is the womans choice. She shouldn't punished for someone elses mistake like rape for example. The planet is over populated as it is.


It would be great to see a lot more companies get behind this effort.


The Devil Went Down To Georgia ...... and they elected the SOB


Good! Hope they follow through on it.


I hope they really will do it, not just threaten to do it.


North Carolina adjusted the bathroom bill after the NBA boycotted the state...they lost over $38 million dollars and a potential overall loss of nearly $100 millions...

I have mixed feelings about any organization having that much influence on state politics...on the other hand, I like the results...but, what if the shoe was on the other foot?

I just hope the law never goes into effect because of the legal challenges it will face...


Hope so, and also from ever going to similar states.




Happy that all these companys are standing up for womens Rights ,most likely in the only way they understand


I hope they follow through, but I'm not holding my breath.
I generally don't trust the word of corporations.


Good for them!


After this show of financial force, ten bucks says that that law never comes into effect 😉


Good. Thanks.


I love this so much. These bastards love pissing away other people's money but when those jobs dissolve and people are sucking up unemployment instead of paying taxes they will change their stand.


But do you want big business to become that major influence on all political decisions? or maybe just those decisions where you agree with them - or they agree with you - public facing corporations have to follow public opinion, but always work in their own commercial interest

I am more concerned, well enraged by the bribes from big businesses, that makes politicians beholden to sign or not sign for the things that help Americans,like health care, education, bank regulations, etc. I think that in general local governments do pander to businesses and should if bring good paying jobs to their constituants.

@gigihein It is a dilemma..... you are happy for government to do deals that lead to more jobs for the area - but business is rarely altruistic, and will always want 'favours' in return for what they give a
You and the rest of the public may not like what they want, but politicians accepting donations / gifts have given business power and influence over decisions


Considering politicians are driven by money not the actual needs of the people the only thing you can do is remove the 💰 and it's a good thing with the solstice coming and all.😁



What are you calling "bullshit"?

@LiterateHiker Nothing personal,but I don’t trust that any company will abandon cheap labor and convince of the ‘made in USA ‘ sticker...don’t trust huff post either... just my viewpoint 😎


That is such punishment for the people that rely on that income. Why should the workers have to pay for the government's mistakes?

Because that is the way of things
Consider: US sanctions or tarrifs hurt the people far more than the nations.

@Petter You mean to tell me that common sense does not kick in and they buy better quality inner country goods lol?

I understand and appreciate your concern for jobs and I care about jobs too but, Ah... didn't the people of Georgia vote for them?

@scout123456 That is a difficult answer. The law could have been in the works for many years and some up and coming politician could have pushed it into a law. They do this type of thing because they have the faith that it is what the majority of the voting populations wants in hopes of getting reelected.

constituents. the state cares about the big taxes they would miss out. and the choice wouldnt get the politicians making these anti abortion laws wouldnt be voted for if they are put at risk of doing their jobs. Many employees leave states when at last their high paying jobs move.


It's bussiness..If they leave is because profits are not as good as expected and abortion/politics is just the perfect excuse. Time will tell but as of right now, sounds to me like all celebrities threatening to leave the country if 45 would win. Newsflash, 45 won and best to my knowledge, no one has left yet.

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