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LINK House Democrats Move To Increase Lawmaker Pay

Yeah, no. When they actually earn their money ... maybe.

SeaGreenEyez 9 June 4

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Which proves the point there are no legal time limits on AMENDMENTS sent to the states ....not the 1st TWELVE 1789 NOR E. R. A. ....YOU are all lied to in textbooks and school "ten" BILL of Rights are the last ten ratified not the complete document ratified 1791 Kentucky was last to ratify 50 thousand persons per Congressional DISTRICT our right to local democracy in Congress not the 780 thousand behemoth districts most people never know the name let alone the face and voice of their rep

We need 27 more states to restore local democracy in Congress via THE REAL FIRST AMENDMENT guns are 4th and religion is 3rd


These criminals have been taking illegal pay raises every even year in violation of the 2nd AMENDMENT ratified 1992 so 1994 96 98 so called cost of living increases are crimes under the now numbered 27th AMENDMENT.....give them all back and it would be legal to raise pay in odd years


So, they can’t raise minimum wage for people who actually do their jobs and don’t make enough to survive, but they raise their own pay. 🤬


Well, if the idea is to get money out of politics, Congress may have to be paid more...good article about this in Vox today.

I don't really agree with Matthew Yglesias (who I think is very insightful) that baring former members of Congress from working as lobbyists, he may be right but I still think the AOC/Cruz proposal makes sense. He points out some of the reasons to support Congressional pay raise.

cava Level 7 June 4, 2019

Hell no!!! I'd get fired for failing at my job as congress does, not given a damned raise!

Zster Level 8 June 4, 2019



Dems can't ever get out of their way... This is such a dumb ideal at this time!


Of them before us..there are 4 I don't have a problem with..guess who they are..

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