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Genetics won. Curses, foiled again!

To my dismay, yesterday I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. Forty-five years of running, hiking and weightlifting did not prevent it.

My grandmother had osteoporosis. She had a hunchback.

My medical doctor boyfriend, Bill was reassuring:

"Who knows, perhaps you would have been worse without hiking and weightlifting. Also, and much more importantly, it has been benefiting every other part of your body, from your brain to your heart."

My doctor prescribed Fosamax to take once a week. Fosamax builds bones.

Bill explained if I take Fosamax for one or two years, it will permanently cure my osteoporisis. A miracle drug!

"Realistically, the only common side effect is heartburn, typically occurs shortly after taking the pill," Bill said. "It can be mitigated by drinking a full glass of water to make sure that it is washed down. Don't lie down."

"I tell people if you have heartburn for half an hour once a week, beats winding up in a nursing home."

I looked up the price: $470 for four pills. I can't afford that! Checked to see if there's a generic version. Yes. Held my breath...

Today I paid $1.51 for the generic version of Fosamax. Happy days!

LiterateHiker 9 June 5

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Took my first Fosamax pill this morning with two tall glasses of water. Washed down the pill then slowly sipped water.

A little nausea. Not bad at all. Hooray! My boyfriend Bill, MD, replied to my text:

"You should be fine then. If a person is going to have a problem with Fosamax, they will usually know right after taking the first dose.

"I predict strong bones and a long future of hiking and wild sex."

Too funny!


I’m glad you found the generic. Hope it works for you!


So glad you were able to get a cheaper version of the pill. I have osteopenia for a number of years and have been taking calcium and D. I hate those pills but so far they have been working.


Moms had ostioperosis for years, was chair of the Washington state chapter for awhile.

Be careful, understand your limitations, and take your meds.

1of5 Level 8 June 5, 2019

I take 5000 units of vitamin D plus 1 each of the two different Calcium pills 12 hours apart. Hope it helps but not diagnosted with anything


"Recent studies show Vitamin D does not build bone," my boyfriend Bill, MD, said.

My doctor recommended I take calcium.


That is a big difference in price. Did you buy them from aca reputable pharmacist. Lot of fake pills.


I get my prescriptions at Walmart Pharmacy that earned a specialty pharmacy accreditation. I'm not an idiot.



I have few meds that cause similar symptoms ask your Dr. about ginger pills and ginger ale. Hang in there!


If they diagnosed you based on the results of a bone density test, l wouldn't base too much on it. It is a major money maker with no proof it is accurate. My sister-in-law is a retired x-ray/ct tech, who also managed the radiology dept at a hospital and managed a radiological site for Austin Radiological Association. She has no faith in the accuracy of those machines. She tested people at her site in there 20's to get baselines for the machine and some of them tested ostioperotic.


I had a DEXA scan. My doctor said my symptoms pointed to osteoporosis:

  1. Family history of osteoporosis

  2. Four broken bones in 20 years

  3. Bone-protecting estrogen decreases after menopause.

  4. Thin, with a small frame and bones.

@LiterateHiker If you are breaking bones that is a good indicator. Hope the medication helps.

@Sticks48 Bloody drastic indicator that if you ask me!


Glad that the bad news turned out to be good news....I am scheduled for a bone density test as well...but there is no history in my family, but even that is no guarantee...

Keep on hiking and staying healthy...


Glad there is a treatment with limited side effects. And affordable.


sorry to hear that. As someone once said "If you want to live a long and healthy life be careful in choosing your parents"

Someone posted this recently. It may be of interest.


sad to hear that all your healthy lifestyle efforts have not fended this off, but I think the toe was a strong clue to this - and hope that the healing of that is going well.
At least it should not be a life threatening disease and should, from what you say, be put right without too much of a problem.
(hell of a price difference on the tablets - which makes you question some other healthcare costs)


Great 👍had my partner take vitamin D and eat calcium rich foods started increasing her bone density puzzled her GP but anything that works is good

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